South Korean Movies

The Glory


The wife and I decided to watch The Glory on Netflix after a friend said that because we liked the TV show, Revenge, we would probably like this. Well, they were right as this was one hell of a ...

Business Proposal


I will admit that I went into Business Proposal not expecting much, but the wife and I were looking for a comedy series to watch and a lot of people were talking about this one. This is a South ...

Squid Game


What more could I possibly say about Squid Game than has already been said? All the hype is real, this is one of the best shows of 2021 and one of the best Netflix Original's they have done so far. ...

Parasite (2019)


Despite having a few friends tell me that I had to see Parasite, I just blew it off. However, once Parasite started cleaning up at the Academy Awards, I knew I was an idiot and needed to check it ...