Candyman (2021)

I am pretty much in on anything that Jordan Peele has his name attached to these days. Add to that the fact I am a huge fan of the original Candyman (and the 2nd movie to a lesser extent) so this was a movie I was very excited for. Ok, so the less said about the 3rd the better, but the first two were good.

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What we have here with this new Candyman is very interesting. I thought it was a straight-up reboot so I was very happy when I heard it was a direct sequel to the original Candyman. It was Nia DaCosta who would take up the directing duties, but Jordan Peele was partially responsible for the script as well as being one of the main producers of the movie.

It is awesome that they have Tony Todd appear in this movie, but Candyman offers far more than just a slasher-style movie. This is a very smart and slow-burn kind of film. Sure, it has some scares and brutal kills, but for the most part, Candyman plays things in a very stylish and clever kind of way.

Our main character is an artist called, Anthony McCoy and he is struggling for some inspiration. Anthony hears about the legend of Helen Lyle (the main character from the first movie) and that leads him onto a path of discovery about the Candyman. He becomes obsessed with Candyman and devotes an entire art exhibition to his legend.

The way the movie deals with the legend of the Candyman is just amazing. Candyman is already a character with some real mystique and granted he is a brutal killer, but he is also quite tragic in terms of why he is the way he is. The way this movie plays into the social aspect of the Candyman myth is really cool.

One other aspect that is really cool about the movie is who Anthony actually is. No spoilers here and to be fair I think they give it away in the trailer, but it is still pretty mind-blowing. It is a shining example of how Jordan Peele and the rest of the people behind the camera made this their own thing, but most certainly kept the soul of the original movie.

I found that this was one of those movies that have you on the edge of your seat. We watched the original Candyman a few days before this, but to be honest that is not 100 percent necessary. Sure, it ties into the first movie very cleverly, but I think people who are new to this story will still have a great time.

The wife and I had a great time with this movie and it was one of the best experiences we have had in a theatre this year. I have to say that as much as I love the original movie, this new Candyman is my favorite of the five. I really hope that this movie does well and the rumblings of a sequel pan out to be true.

Candyman (2021)
Candyman is the fourth film in the series of supernatural slasher movies. Download it now and see what happened 27 years after the events of the 1992 Candyman.
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