Horror Movies



I had a lot of fun with Thanksgiving, it is one of my surprise hits of the year! I remember seeing the fake trailer for this in Grindhouse all the way back in 2007. Like Machete and Hobo With A ...

Chucky (TV series)


The Chucky TV series completely blew me away! We have looked at all of the Child’s Play and Chucky movies so far here on the site and I finally got around to watching the first two seasons of Chucky. ...

Boo! A Madea Halloween


While I would not say that any of the Tyler Perry Madea movies are amazing some are just downright garbage. Boo! A Madea Halloween is not amazing, but it is probably one of the better Madea movies. ...

10 Cloverfield Lane


I love the whole Cloverfield franchise and I hope that we do get that fourth film someday. 10 Cloverfield Lane is the best movie out of the three for me. The first one is a monster found footage ...

Child’s Play (2019)


I will admit that when I heard that Child’s Play 2019 was a thing, I was not all that excited. I liked what had been done with Curse and Cult of Chucky and thought the idea of having a secondary ...

Cult of Chucky


Cult of Chucky is the seventh movie in the saga and like Curse of Chucky, it was a straight-to-DVD release. There is a lot of stuff that I like here with Cult of Chucky, but like Curse of Chucky, I ...

Curse of Chucky


With Seed of Chucky not doing all that great critically or commercially, it would take nearly ten years for the next installment. Curse of Chucky was a straight-to-DVD release and I remember being ...

Seed of Chucky


Seed of Chucky would be the last Chucky movie for over a decade to get a theatrical release. I remember going to see Seed of Chucky in the theatre very well. I was dating the woman who would go on to ...

Bride of Chucky


Bride of Chucky would be the first Chucky movie since 1991! This was the first movie that I saw in theatres and I was all in on this. Bride of Chucky has a very different tone to the other movies, it ...

Child’s Play 3


Child's Play 3 would be the last Chucky movie for several years and the last movie to have the name Child's Play 3 for over two decades! Released in 1991, just a year after Child's Play 2, this is a ...