Horror Movies



MaXXXine is the third movie in this series (after X and Pearl) brought to us by Ti West. A24 and Ti West really have something with this X movie series. I had very high hopes going into this, the ...

A Quiet Place: Day One


If I were to do the most anticipated movies of 2024, A Quiet Place Day One would be pretty high on that list. I just love this franchise and so far the first two movies have been great and I am happy ...

The Watchers


I am a big fan of the work of M. Night Shyamalan and when I heard that The Watchers was the work of his daughter, Ishana Night Shyamalan I was very excited to check this out. While I am a fan of her ...



I honestly have no idea why Tarot is getting so many negative reviews, I had a ton of fun with this in the theatre! 2024 has had some awesome horror movies and so far, Tarot is one of my favorites. I ...

The Strangers: Chapter 1


I really liked the first Strangers movie and to be honest, I think that The Strangers: Pray At Night is nowhere near as bad as people make out. The first movie was a home invasion thriller and the ...

Dead Boy Detectives


I had so much fun binge-watching all eight episodes of Dead Boy Detectives. This is based on a rather obscure DC comic of the same name that has a bit of a cult following. What drew me to Dead Boy ...



I have seen 1408 numerous times and it is always a movie I have fun with. Despite owning the Blu-Ray, I was scrolling through Amazon Prime saw it, and decided to watch it. One of the fun things about ...



I would say not amazing, but also not bad is the best way to describe the recent horror movie, Sting. We saw a trailer for this before Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and as the wife and I love ...



I am so glad that I made the effort to go and see Abigail in the theatre. I had heard about it, but when I watched the trailer and saw Giancarlo Esposito and Kathyrn Newton were in the movie so that ...

The First Omen


Despite being a big horror fan and enjoying a few of The Omen movies, I did not have high hopes for The First Omen. It had a very late screening and review embargo which is usually a bad sign. Plus, ...