Horror Movies



Action films from the early 2000s were something else. You had The Lord of the Rings coming out as the biggest thing in fantasy, The Matrix was making soaring headlines globally, Raimi began the ...



I am going to start by saying that Wednesday is the best Netflix original of 2022! I knew that I would like this, but I was shocked at how amazing this turned out to be. It was the involvement of Tim ...

The Menu


Man, what a wild ride The Menu was. I will admit that this was a movie the wife and I only went to see because there was nothing else we had not seen. However, we both said that it was a lot of fun ...

Prey for the Devil


Prey for the Devil is a movie that the wife and I went to see mainly because there was nothing else out that we had not seen. We are both big horror fans and any movie that is about demonic ...

Terrifier 2


As the third outing for Art the Clown, Terrifier 2 is kicking things up several notches over his last two appearances. I thought that the original Terrifier was a fun slasher movie and this one is ...

The Midnight Club


The wife and I were very excited for The Midnight Club to hit Netflix. We are big horror fans and anything a little spooky is always going to grab our attention. The first couple of trailers that we ...

The Grudge (2020)


Ugh, the 2020 Grudge movie sucked! I loved the 2004 remake of the Japanese original and even the sequel, The Grudge 2 was fairly good. However, this is a franchise that has gone on way too long. The ...

Halloween Ends


To say that I was excited about Halloween Ends is a massive understatement. I thought that 2018 Halloween was great and while not quite as good, I felt that Halloween Kills was setting things up for ...

The Unholy


I am pretty much willing to give anything with Jeffery Dean Morgan in it a chance and I have enjoyed his work in horror movies before. The Unholy which is a directorial debut for Evan Spiliotopoulos ...

The Witch


Written and directed by Robert Eggers (this was actually the first theatrical movie he directed), The Witch is a fantastic and clever horror movie that is not a jump scare “cheap” kind of horror ...