Horror Movies

Beau Is Afraid


I had been keeping up with Beau Is Afraid leading up to its release. I am a big fan of Midsommar and Hereditary which were done by the writer and director of Beau Is Afraid, Ari Aster. Add to this ...



Released in 2021, Antlers is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to creature feature horror movies. Directed by Scott Cooper who brought us movies like Crazy Heart, Black Mass, and last year's The ...

Ash vs Evil Dead


It may have taken 30 years, but I finally got my follow-up to Army of Darkness. When I heard that Bruce Campbell was coming back as Ash, I could not have been any more excited. When I first saw the ...

The Exorcist


What is the horror genre if not alluring? There is a charm to the way people aggressively hype up a scary film, with news articles going rampant that people are losing their minds in the cinema and ...

Evil Dead (2013)


I loved Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness and wanted a fourth movie so badly! While we never got the fourth Ash-led Evil Dead movie, I do have to say that I did enjoy many of the Evil Dead video ...

Army of Darkness


Oh baby, do we have a groovy movie to talk about today! I love Army of Darkness, it is my favorite of the original three Evil Dead movies and it was the first movie in the franchise I saw. I remember ...

Evil Dead II


I loved Evil Dead II when I first saw it as a teenager! For me, this is the first Evil Dead movie! I know that sounds weird, but I did watch these movies out of order as a kid. Anyway, what we have ...

The Evil Dead


How crazy is it that The Evil Dead is 40 years old? I have a weird relationship with this franchise. I have seen and enjoyed all of the movies, but I watched them out of order! I first saw Army of ...

Evil Dead Rise


I liked this movie so much more than the 2013 Evil Dead reboot. I had so much fun watching this that I am 100 percent going to catch it again in the theatre before its run is over. The trailers made ...

American Horror Story


American Horror Story is a top ten TV show of all time for me, actually, it would probably make my top five. This is the greatest horror anthology series ever created and I have watched through it ...