I honestly have no idea why Tarot is getting so many negative reviews, I had a ton of fun with this in the theatre! 2024 has had some awesome horror movies and so far, Tarot is one of my favorites. I know that this was a movie that clicked with me as a couple of days after seeing it, the wife and I were shopping and in this little store they sold tarot cards and I said that there was no way in hell I would mess with them!

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Tarot was released on May 3, 2024. You expect it to become available for download or streaming from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the availability today.

The Movie Review

Now, I will say that Tarot is guilty of something that many other movies, not just horror, but movies in general are guilty of. What I am talking about is showing way too much in the trailer! If you have seen the trailer for Tarot, you pretty much know what the entire deal of this movie is!

Tarot is brought to us by the team of Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg. Spenser Cohen gave us the recent Moonfall which I also thought was a lot of fun. Tarot is a movie that does not have a cast that catches your eye (although Ned from Spider-Man is in it so that is cool) however, I can say that the entire cast here gets the job done and for a horror movie, the cast was mostly likable. There were no complete jerks here that I wanted to see killed so I was rooting for everyone to survive.

Predictable Yet Fun Plot

As I said, if you have seen the trailer, you know what Tarot is about! We have a group of college kids staying at this big fancy house in the woods for a party weekend and they find a strange box of tarot cards. One of the group, Haley, knows how to read tarot cards, and despite her warning her friends that you never use someone else’s deck, she gives them all a reading.

This tarot card deck is awesome in that the images on the cards are super messed up and horrific. In no time at all, these guys start dying in the way that the tarot cards predicted and they need to figure out how they can stop it. There are no big twists or turns in Tarot, but it takes you on a fun thrill ride that I thought was very entertaining.

Cool Monster Designs

By far the coolest thing that Tarot has going on is the various monsters or whatever you want to call them. These Tarot monsters are so cooly designed and I kind of wish that we got to see more of them in the flesh. I would not say that the movie is super gory and some of the more gruesome stuff is shown off screen. Hey, it worked and was still fun, but I would have preferred if we actually saw it on screen and they rated this thing R!


If you like horror movies, you will get a kick out of Tarot! As I said in the intro, I am not sure why this is getting the negative reviews that it is! This was a fun horror movie night at the theatre! It is so awesome that we have had so many horror movies actually get released into the theatre this year and I have had a lot of fun catching as many of them as I can. Tarot is one I highly recommend you make an effort to see.

Tarot is a fun 2024 horror movie where a group of college kids faces terrifying monsters predicted by a cursed tarot card deck. Download it.
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Tarot Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I felt that the characters were likable
  • The design of the Tarot Monsters was very cool
  • This was a fun horror movie from start to end
  • It is honestly one of the best and most fun horror movies I have seen this year
  • I do feel that an R rating would have made this even better
  • The trailer pretty much tells you everything about this movie so there are no surprises
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