I am a huge fan of Roland Emmerich and I could not have been any more excited for Moonfall. I swear every movie that I went to see in the theatre from November until January had a Moonfall trailer. Each time I saw it, I got more excited. No one does sci-fi disaster movies better than Roland Emmerich and the trailers we saw looked fantastic.

How to Stream or Download Moonfall

Moonfall should be available as a digital download or stream around April 2022. Click on the Download button to check the current availability. If you like Roland Emmerich films, check out our reviews of Independence Day (1996), The Patriot (2002), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), 10,000 BC (2008), 2012 (2009), or Independence Day: Resurgence (2016).

The Movie Review

It all seemed great, add to this the fact that Moonfall has an awesome cast with Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, and John Bradley in the lead roles and you have all the makings for something truly epic. However, the execution of the movie is not what you would expect from something that has Roland Emmerich in charge.

Look, this is not a bad movie at all and I think that a lot of the hate it is getting is way too harsh. However, it is one of those movies where the trailer is a tad on the misleading side. Yes, the movie is about the moon leaving its orbit, causing chaos on Earth, and a group of astronauts (and one conspiracy theorist) trying to stop it. However, the execution of it is not what I expected.

The two lead roles in Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry are great. They play former astronauts who left their positions in less than glowing terms and they have ties to what is causing the chaos with the moon. These are two absolute pros and they do the best they can with the movie.

The other lead character is John Bradley who wound up stealing the show for me. He is a conspiracy theorist who first learns about the moon leaving its orbit and getting closer to Earth. The way he portrays the character is a lot of fun and he is a bit of a sympathetic kind of hero. Also, his relationship with the two astronauts is pretty fun.

The action scenes that you get to see in the various trailers are all here, but you have already seen them. Yes, these disaster scenes are great and the sci-fi twist of what is really happening on the moon is fun too. However, it just feels like it is lacking something to take it from a 7/10 movie to an 8 or even 9/10 movie.

I have heard some people criticize the CG in Moonfall and this is one area where I think the movie is actually very well done. The special effects I felt were great as you would expect from something that has Roland Emmerich’s name on it. So, I do feel that the criticisms in regards to the special effects are not warranted at all.

After the wife and I left the theater, we both agreed that it was an ok movie. It was fun to see it on the big screen with my Cadbury’s Mini Egg Bar, large Pepsi Max, and popcorn. However, I am not sure this is one I will be paying for when it is released on Blu-Ray. I may check it out on streaming services when it hits them though. This is not a bad movie and it can be fun, but you have seen the best bits in the trailers!

Moonfall is a science fiction film from 2022 that was directed by Roland Emmerich (1955). Download it when it is out and have an exciting time.
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