Disaster Movies

Deep Impact


Released in 1998 right around the same time as Armageddon, Deep Impact is not held in anywhere near as high regard as Armageddon. If you ask me, the main reason for this is that Armageddon had an ...



No matter what kind of movies you prefer to watch on the usual, we all seem to have our own guilty pleasures. Some of us like films that are somewhat questionable, such as Twilight or Catwoman. ...



Action thrillers can be one of the most daunting genres to review, mainly due to the fact that many of them focus on entertainment over substance, leading to a tedious genre that has become ...



I can’t think of a film genre more polarizing than the disaster film in modern times. There have been so many disaster films, both in C and B-grade film categories along with a couple of big-budget ...

San Andreas


I adore disaster films. I pretty much adore everything they bring to the table. Since I first saw The Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno, two outstanding popcorn films that maintained a high ...

The Perfect Storm


After the release of Titanic, people were really into films based on true stories/myths that depicted disasters happening at sea. There were a bunch of copycat films that came out from that ...



I am a huge fan of Roland Emmerich and I could not have been any more excited for Moonfall. I swear every movie that I went to see in the theatre from November until January had a Moonfall trailer. ...

Don’t Look Up


I knew that Don't Look Up was going to be a movie that I loved! This is brought to us by Adam McKay and it is a fantastic piece of satire that is so fitting given today's political climate and social ...

The Day After Tomorrow


Disaster films (and such is The Day After Tomorrow), due to the premise alone focusing mostly on the spectacle itself, are often disasters in terms of quality, or at best, semi-disasters. Not to say ...



Michael Bay and disaster or destruction walk the same path, be it the literal disaster that his films depict, or the disaster that his films mostly are as a quality. If there's a director who fits ...