Titanic is a downloadable epic romance film produced by Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Lightstorm Entertainment. The film is a portrayal of the actual Titanic ship which sunk on 14th April 1912. Released on 1st November 1997, the film is directed by James Cameron as it features a cast consisting of Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Bernard Hill, and Jonathan Hyde.

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The Movie Review

The Plot

Titanic starts off as Brock Lovett, a treasure hunter is searching the remains of the Titanic for a rare diamond in a necklace called the Heart of the Ocean. He finds a portrait of a woman wearing it but no sight of the necklace. That woman is soon discovered to be Rose DeWitt Bukater. Rose upon seeing her portrait in a newspaper visits the man and relates her story of the Titanic when she was just 17 years old.

In 1912, a 17-year-old Rose boards the Titanic with her mother Ruth and fiancé Cal Hockley. Ruth had engaged Rose to Cal just to maintain her family’s upper-class status. Unhappy with her engagement, Rose attempts to suicide but is stopped by an underprivileged Jack Dawson who gives her hope in life, making her change her decision.

As time passes on, Rose realizes that she actually loves Jack more than Cal, and hence, the two eventually have intercourse with each other and Rose lets Jack draw a portrait of herself, wearing nothing but that particular necklace. Cal discovers Jack’s relationship with Rose consequently framing him for stealing Rose’s necklace, arresting and handcuffing him to a pipe.

At the same time, the ship hits an iceberg and the elite begin to evacuate using the lifeboats. Cal and Ruth urge Rose to come with them, but she goes back to save Jack. The two then head to the main deck where Rose boards the lifeboat only after assurance that Cal will take Jack with him. Rose comes back to save Jack after Cal deceives him which makes them end up in the water.

Jack dies but Rose survives by lying on a wooden plank floating in the sea and is eventually saved by the emergency forces. In the present time, Brock decides to quit his search after listening to Rose’s story whereas Rose  -standing alone beside the sea-takes out the diamond and throws it into the sea. This is done a the site where the Titanic sunk.

Titanic: the Movie Production

Titanic is hailed as one of the best films of all time regardless of the genre. One of the factors which made Titanic the populous film that it is today is the fact as to how realistically every scene was portrayed.

Everyone starting from the cast to the directors, designers, and visual effect artists knew exactly what they had to do. The Titanic ship had to be rebuilt from scratch whereas, a horizon tank of seventeen million gallons of water was set up just to portray the sea at a 270-degree angle.

For the costumes, Deborah Scott, the head costume designer, claimed that she had spent months before the production just to find out what sorts of clothing the people from the early 1900’s wore. Little things such as the newspapers, magazines that were shown in the film were only done so after months of research.

The Music in Titanic

The official soundtrack for the film was composed by James Horner who also wrote another popular song taken from the film called My Heart Will Go On. The soundtrack was released by Sony Classical Soundtrax on 18th November 1997.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Titanic is considered to be a film masterpiece that is still widely watched by viewers all around the world. The film won around 11 Academy Awards and managed to gross over $2.1 billion at the box office, claiming the record for the second highest-grossing film ever.

Titanic is an iconic romance movie directed by James Cameron. Download it and shed some tears watching the Jack and Rose's love.
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