Epic Movies



I was quite excited to see Oppenheimer as I have loved most of Christopher Nolan's work and the movie has the most stacked cast of any 2023 release. With that being said are there any more ...



Action thrillers can be one of the most daunting genres to review, mainly due to the fact that many of them focus on entertainment over substance, leading to a tedious genre that has become ...

Empire of the Sun


Steven Spielberg is a legendary director, one who has made himself synonymous with the word ‘Hollywood’. He’s one of the most talented and versatile filmmakers of all time, dipping his toes into ...

The Last Temptation of Christ


Martin Scorsese has always been a one-man army, he has consistently managed to create films that are thought-provoking or entertaining. There are two types of Scorsese films, you’ll have the ...



A movie with Brad Pitt (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Lost City, Bullet Train) and Margot Robbie (Bombshell, The Suicide Squad, Amsterdam)? Sign me up was what I said when I heard this was a ...

Avatar: The Way of Water


This may sound crazy to some people, but I was not a huge fan of the first Avatar. Hey, I liked Avatar, but I was not in love with it as many other people were. I appreciated what a game-changer it ...



I love sci-fi and I love mystery and when I saw the trailer for Netflix’s 1899 I was sure it would be a show that was perfect for me. Once I watched that final episode, I was left with way more ...

All Quiet on the Western Front


I have to start by saying that All Quiet on the Western Front is not the movie for you if you are in the mood for something cheerful! This is a Netflix original movie about the brutalities of World ...

The Woman King


My wife is a massive fan of and was very excited to go and see The Woman King. This is a historical biopic about the all-woman force known as The Agojie. The trailers made this look like an exciting ...