The Last Temptation of Christ

Martin Scorsese has always been a one-man army, he has consistently managed to create films that are thought-provoking or entertaining. There are two types of Scorsese films, you’ll have straightforward Scorsese movies or vague Scorsese movies. If you ever have a choice between the two categories, always go for the vague Scorsese. That category features masterpieces such as Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, Shutter Island, The Aviator, Silence, Hugo, and of course, The Last Temptation of Christ.

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The Movie Review

The Last Temptation of Christ tells the story of Jesus Christ, exploring his life and his struggles as both a human being and the son of God. An angel offers him a vision of what his life could have been if he had chosen a different path while he hangs from the cross. In this vision, Jesus is a carpenter who is married to Mary Magdalene.

He lives a simple life, but he is plagued by doubts and insecurities. Eventually, he is approached by Judas Iscariot, who urges him to become a revolutionary and lead a rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Jesus begins to embrace this idea, but he is ultimately confronted by the reality of violence and the toll it takes on those around him. He is forced to reckon with the consequences of his actions and the weight of his mission as the son of God.

The film presents quite a unique interpretation of the biblical epic of Jesus Christ. It explores the idea of a Jesus who may have experienced doubt, temptation, and human weaknesses, which was one of the most controversial aspects of this film when it originally came out.

The pacing of the film is deliberate, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the narrative and explore the complexities of the characters and themes. It’s a slow burn and that too for a good reason, it wants to immerse you into the grand production, and show you how it would have felt to shoulder all that responsibility.

The script is subtle, it won’t douse you with an overwhelmingly biblical dialogue pattern, instead, it will focus on capturing the essence of the human experience with unparalleled clarity.

The dialogue here is deeply insightful, evoking powerful emotions and compelling the audience to delve deeper into the minds of these characters. It’s a character study for Jesus, and yet all of the characters are fully realized.

They are imbued with an authenticity that makes them feel like real people, their interactions filled with a potent mix of tension and raw emotion.

The film examines faith in a nuanced way, offering a brand-new perspective that challenges our preconceptions and leaves us with a renewed sense of wonder and awe.

Willem Dafoe delivers a performance that is simply unforgettable as Jesus Christ. His portrayal of Jesus is infused with a brokenheartedness, something that brings the son of God to life in a way that is both authentic and stimulating.

He imbues the character with a complexity that draws you into his struggle, fully showcasing the weight of his mission. Barbara Hershey and Harvey Keitel also turn in standout performances as Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot.

Keitel’s turn as Judas is nothing short of masterful, while Hershey’s portrayal of Magdalene is imbued with fierce intelligence and a deep sense of empathy. The cast is simply flawless here.

The Visuals

The Last Temptation of Christ’s ambiance is a stunning and captivating sight to behold, evocative of both beauty and mysticism. The film’s breathtaking visuals and heavenly sound design work in tandem, engrossing the audience in a world beyond their own reality.

The play between light and shadow is executed with a masterful touch, with the production design and cinematography intertwining to form an exquisite visual display. Every frame is a work of art, a harmonious visual composition resonating with both emotion and significance.


I can understand why The Last Temptation of Christ was such a controversial film at the time of its release. This film challenges our preconceived ideas of what the Son of God must have been like, and yet when we look at him from a lens of empathy and humanity, it’s a completely different notion.

Martin Scorsese challenges the viewer at every step of the way with this film, he urges you to reconsider your ideologies, your beliefs and paints a beautiful portrait of a biblical epic in his own blood and sweat.

The Last Temptation of Christ is nothing short of perfection, a work of passion and commitment to the cinematic art form.

The Last Temptation of Christ
The Last Temptation of Christ is a religious drama film from 1988 that is based on a novel by Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957). Download it now.
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The Last Temptation of Christ Review Summary

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  • The Last Temptation of Christ's script is a true work of art, featuring thought-provoking dialogue and nuanced exploration of faith and spirituality
  • The film's characters feel authentic and are portrayed with exceptional performances, especially Willem Dafoe as Jesus Christ
  • The movie's atmosphere is stunning and captivating, with mesmerizing visuals and sublime sound design that work together to transport the audience into a mystical world beyond their own reality
  • Some viewers may find the film's exploration of religion to be too controversial or even sacrilegious
  • The pacing of the film can be slow at times, which may detract from the overall experience for some viewers
  • While the film's production design and cinematography are exceptional, some viewers may find the visual style to be overly stylized or even distracting
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