Cars 3

Cars 3 is another part of the amazing adventures of Lightning McQueen. This feature film, created by the Pixar studio and released by Walt Disney Pictures is 102 minutes of entertainment for the whole family. The movie was released on June 10, 2017.

That the third part was to be released was known much earlier – on August 17, 2013, Michael Wallis (the voice of Sheriff) mentioned this during a radio broadcast. On March 18, 2014, Robert Iger, the President of Walt Disney Disney, officially announced that the film production was planned. Ultimately, the creation of Cars 3 started in the summer of 2014, while on October 8, 2015, the release date was announced. The director Brian Fee can boast of a huge income from the tickets sold: over 150 million US dollars and almost a billion outside the US.

The film can be viewed in 2D, 3D and in IMAX 3D technology. In Cars 3 you will see the lovable characters known from the previous parts. Tow Mater, Mack, Sheriff, or Flo make this movie so special and unique. The soundtrack for Cars 3 was prepared by Randy Newman and it is 28:37 minutes of Motion Picture Soundtrack and 50:11 minutes of Score Soundtrack. The screenplay was written by Dan Gerson, Kiel Murray Bob Peterson, and Mike Rich.

How to Stream or Download Cars 3

The film can be streamed or it can be downloaded from iTunes. The movie can be either rented or bought. SD and HD are available. You can also get there the previous part of the movie – Cars 2. To start the Download click on the button at the end of the review.

The Cast

The main characters (and actors) in the film are:

  • Lightning McQueen – Owen Wilson,
  • Cruz Ramirez – Cristela Alonzo,
  • Tow Mater – Larry The Cable Guy,
  • Jackson Storm – Armie Hammer.

Cars 3 – the Plot of the Movie

The setting of the movie is the United States. Lightning McQueen, the multiple champion of the race for the Golden Piston begins to lose with more modern cars. Wanting to make a comeback, he uses the help of a young trainer, engineer Cruz Ramirez. Together, they create a plan for victory, while unexpected turns of events make them change their plans and assumptions.

The main character, after he has had an accident, recovers among his friends. He wonders for a long time whether he still has the strength to compete or maybe it is a good time to call it quits. Finally, he accepts the challenge to prove that he is still as fast as lightning. McQueen proves that the champion does not give up so easily and fights to the end. What will be the outcome of this decision? Watch the movie and see for yourself.

The trailer in this review shows you what the graphics in Cars 3 are like. As is the case with all Pixar productions, they are a pleasure to the eye. Special effects and McQueen’s accident are the moments that are truly breathtaking, and although it is an animated film, it resembles a high-quality action movie.

The film won four nominations in the following categories: Favorite comedy, Favorite comedy actor – Owen Wilson, Best Actor of the Summer – Owen Wilson and Best Movie of the Summer.

Cars 3
Cars 3 for the long-awaited sequel of the adventures of anthropomorphic cars. Download the hit of Pixar studio and have fun.
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