Cars is a 3D animated comedy adventure film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The film is directed by John Lasseter and features Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, and Daniel Lawrence Whitney as the main cast.

How to Download Cars

Cars can be downloaded by clicking the Download button at the end of the text. You can download the movie from iTunes where SD and HD picture quality is available as a download choice. You can also expect audio and subtitles in several languages.

The Film Review

Released on 26th May 2006, this film takes its viewers to an animated world full of automobiles with human-like traits. Cars focuses on a red-colored rookie race car named Lightning McQueen who, after proceeding to the final round of the Piston Cup, aims to win the tournament in order to gain sponsorships from the famous car and oil companies.

On his way to the tournament, McQueen ends up in prison due to accidentally breaking the law. However, thanks to his lawyer, Sally Carrera, the punishment is changed to doing community service. McQueen makes friends with the other cars and realizes that the town he’s currently in, called Radiator Springs, has been erased off the map officially and that the judge was a three-time Piston Cup winner but had to retire early due to a horrible accident.

McQueen, after completing his punishment, reluctantly goes back to compete in the race but isn’t able to perform well initially. However, after seeing the judge arrive and taking over his crew’s management, McQueen goes on to perform well and even though he loses, the media appreciates him for his sportsman spirit. McQueen and his friends then reunite and plan to work together to improve the conditions of Radiator Springs.

Cars was the first 3D film developed by Pixar and Walt Disney which related to a world of automobiles instead of humans. In order to make the film seem realistic and interesting for the viewers, Director John Lasseter claimed that they visited the design studios of numerous automakers in Detroit. The filmmakers also took ideas from the unique cars they saw randomly on the roads while on their research.

Lasseter further explained that the animators designed the four-wheeled machined in such a way that their overall movements and speed would reflect their age and type. The young automobiles were portrayed as lightweight and sporty type whereas, the old ones were designed to look like the cars from the 1950’s era.

According to directing animator James Ford Murphy, the most challenging part of the designing process was adding color to the cars. Murphy explained that the animators actually went to local body shops just to learn the process of how the colors would mix and then be painted on to a car. The overall computers and software used by the filmmakers were similar to those used in designing actual cars in real life.

Cars main soundtracks were released by Walt Disney Records which included songs by different famous artists including Randy Newman, Sheryl Crow, John Shanks, and Bobby Troup.

Cars has been an overall success as it went on to gross over $462 million. It was followed by Cars 2 (2011) and Cars 3 (2017) The film won numerous awards and the franchise itself has become increasingly popular over the years. The film is full of comedy and adventure, which makes it perfect to watch with the family.

Cars is an animated movie with anthropomorphic cars as protagonists. Download it and watch with your kids.
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