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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart are buddies that you just love to see together. Their duo is one that you can appreciate in any project or even an online YouTube video interview. They are just so funny together, that it has become extremely engaging to watch them simply show off their chemistry. So, of course, a film with the two of them together is definitely going to be one of the most engaging comedy films. However, despite that being a huge reason why Central Intelligence is so fun, the film does lack a variety of filmmaking factors that would have made it so much better.

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The Movie Review

In Central Intelligence, Bobby Wierdich is a chubby high school student who is humiliated on his last day of school. Twenty years later, Bobby goes from being Bobby Weirdich to Rob Stone, a muscular but reserved and childish CIA agent. The opposite side of the spectrum sees Calvin Joyner, The Golden Jet. A highly popular high school valedictorian, Joyner married his high school sweetheart and had a future that was tremendously bright yet he managed to land a boring accountant job.

Joyner was also the sole student to have been kind to Wierdich in school. Now, Stone wants to use Joyner’s expertise to decipher some financial transactions, and the friends’ reunion will spark a tale they will remember forever. Though it won’t be too easy, as The Agency believes Stone has turned rogue, and they are after him, and Calvin gets caught up in the national battle of wits and vigor.

Essentially, this is a buddy action-comedy film. Kevin Hart as Joyner is actually a totally normal guy who leaves Dwayne Johnson as Stone to do the silly light-hearted comedy. They work well together, but the plot in this case is the problem. The plot is far too predictable and boring. However, this movie is humorous enough thanks to Hart and Johnson’s eccentric performances and the fantastic chemistry the two showcase on screen.

The tiresome espionage plot struggles to be even remotely intelligent. It is so bland that it might as well not exist. By the time the story’s ‘shocking twist’ is disclosed, it turns into complete gibberish.

The creators appear okay with leaving the plot’s flaws unrepaired given their emphasis on humor. The villains are so poorly written too, all of them are your stereotypes of homophobes, bullies, and mercenaries. In addition to the comedy, the movie boasts a number of cameos, which I won’t list here to preserve the element of surprise.

In Central Intelligence, director Rawson Marshall Thurber who created films such as We’re The Miller, co-wrote the script with Bob Fisher and Steve Faber.

They break the stereotypical role of Kevin Hart playing the overly loud short guy and give the comedy to Dwayne Johnson. However, it’s not just a funny movie either, it does pack some decent depth to its characters and develops them throughout the film’s comedy. The high school baggage of the key characters is discussed quite appropriately.

Calvin’s dissatisfaction with the course his life has taken and Bob’s problems with self-esteem brought on by the severe and long-lasting impacts of bullying.

Visually there’s not much to talk about with this film in all honesty. There’s barely any cinematic flair to the camera work or the lighting, and each shot feels truly average to look at. The same can be said for the music, it might have a decent main theme that screams patriotism, but the overall soundtrack barely ever aids in bringing the film any enhancements.

The Verdict

In all honesty, Central Intelligence is difficult to hate due to Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart excelling in their roles. They elevate this movie from practically garbage to moderately enjoyable. We can sigh at the ridiculous plot, action sequences in which not even skilled CIA gunmen can aim accurately, or Calvin and Stone discussing tactics while trained agents are holding guns to their heads.

This movie would be a total disaster without them; it’ll be like a bag of rocks. However, Central Intelligence might be a welcome diversion when it comes to switching up the mood.

Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence is a comedy from 2016 that shows the adventures of two classmates that happen 20 years later. Download it now.
5.5 Total Score
Central Intelligence Review Summary

  • Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johson are comedic gold as a duo
  • The writing is extremely funny throughout
  • The plot and story beats are boring and formulaic
  • The music is not even memorable for a moment
  • The visual fidelity of this film is bland
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