Child’s Play 2

Man, am I excited for this one! Child’s Play 2 is my favorite of all the Child’s Play movies. This one just gets everything right in my opinion. The slasher stuff, the jump scares, and the humor. Chucky has some of his best foul-mouthed quips in this movie, especially the one where he tells Kyle to drive or he will kick her teeth in, but he says it with a few more choice swear words!

How to Download Child’s Play 2

Child’s Play 2 was released on November 9, 1990. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review – A Closer Look at Child’s Play 2

The movie takes place just two years after what went down in Child’s Play. The company that makes the Good Guy Dolls is trying to recover after the terrible press from Andy’s mom going public with her story of a killer doll. While many people do not believe the story, the shareholders of the company are less than thrilled with the press.

This leads them to decide to take the burnt-to-crisp Chucky doll, clean it up, fix and show that the doll is fine! Of course, this reanimates Chucky and he once again needs to track down Andy so that he can play a game of “hide the soul” with him and take his body before the doll body turns human and he is stuck in it.

The Foster Care Dilemma in Child’s Play 2

In the two years since what happened in the first movie. Andy’s mom has been put in a psyche ward and Andy is now in the foster system. Andy moves in with some nice foster parents Joanne and Phill who are also fostering a feisty teenage girl called Kyle. Joanne takes a liking to Andy and Andy thinks that he can be happy here.

Chucky’s Rampage: Humor Meets Horror

Of course, this happiness does not last! Chucky finds out where Andy is living and soon makes his way there and starts terrorizing Andy. Chucky is way more vicious in this movie, but he also has more of a sense of humor about him. I would say it is similar to the way that Freddy Kruger progressed in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

The Unlikely Alliance Against Evil

As is the case, no one believes Andy, but before long, people realize that Chucky is real. This time around, Andy has Kyle who believes him and knows that Chucky is real and dangerous and the two of them are trying to survive being in the crosshairs of Chucky as he tries to take Andy’s body!

The Evolution of a Horror Sequel

Child’s Play 2 is kind of similar to the first movie, but I think it pretty much does everything better. The ending taking place in the Good Guy Doll factory is awesome and I like how young Andy is braver in this movie and does try to stand up and fight Chucky. Once again, young Alex Vincent is fantastic in this role.

The Enduring Legacy of Child’s Play 2

When I think of Chucky, which happens way more than you would think! It is Child’s Play 2 Chucky that always comes to mind. One thing I like about this movie and it was the same for the first and the third is the running time is near perfect. These are quite short movies, but that works to their advantage as there is no padding and they move at a quick pace.

A Personal Reflection on Child’s Play 2

While I like to watch the Child’s Play/Chucky movies as a series, if I am ever going to watch just one, it will 99/100 be Child’s Play 2. I remember watching this all the time with my friends when we were in our early teens and we just loved it! I know that it may sound crazy that I am calling Child’s Play 2 a classic, but for me it truly is!

Child's Play 2
Child's Play 2 is a film that amplifies the horror-comedy mix with Chucky's best one-liners and a thrilling climax in a doll factory showdown. Download it now.
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Child's Play 2 Review Summary

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  • I love how foul mothed Chucky is in this movie, it is hilarious!
  • I thought Kyle was a cool and interesting character
  • This has some of the most iconic Chucky scenes for me
  • It is the best Child’s Play movie in my humble opinion
  • I guess the plot is rather similar to the first movie
  • Like the first movie, a few of the special effects have not aged all that gracefully
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