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I can see why some people would not have liked Come Play, but I had a lot of fun with this movie. The wife and I are always down for a horror movie and we came across this one by accident and we both enjoyed it. This is a monster movie and one that plays with technology as well which I thought was pretty cool.

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The Movie Review

The movie is about a young boy called Oliver. Oliver has a hard time; he is autistic and he can only communicate with people with his smartphone. Oliver struggles to make friends and the kids at school are mean to him. While that is bad, while playing with his tablet one night, Oliver comes across a strange app and fires it up.

Oliver is soon stalked by a creature, entity, or whatever you want to call it called Larry! Oliver’s mother Sarah (Gillian Jacobs) organizes a sleepover for Oliver so he can become more social and have friends. Well, Larry shows up during the sleepover and one of the kids gets hurt by Larry and they put the blame on Oliver!

Sarah does believe Oliver about what is going on, but his father, Marty (John Gallagher JR.) is not convinced until one night he takes Oliver to work with him and Larry shows up and attacks Oliver. We find out that Larry can only travel between devices that have a screen and he wants to take Oliver to his world so that they can be friends.

Larry is a fantastic monster and the way he stalks the family is something that will send shivers down your spine. Larry wants to get into our world so that he can take Oliver with him, but Oliver’s mother is pretty badass and will do whatever it takes to protect her son.

It honestly is pretty thrilling stuff all the way until we get to the end of the movie. I will admit that I think the ending is not that great, but it does not ruin the movie or anything like that. Actually, it does even leave a bit of potential for a sequel which I have to say I would be down for.

I do have to give a ton of credit to Azhy Robertson. Azhy Robertson is the kid who plays Oliver and this is one very talented young man. He is also in the TV series Invasion and he is fantastic there too. He plays this role very well and you just want this kid to be happy and to get out of this nightmare that he finds himself and his family in.

If you enjoy a good monster-style horror movie, Come Play is well worth your time. I had a lot of fun with this movie and think that it is far better than people are saying. Is it the greatest horror movie I have ever seen? No, not even close, but I would certainly be happy to watch this again at some point, and as I said, I would be very happy if they did decide to make a sequel and explore what Larry actually is further.

Come Play
Come Play is a horror film from 2020 about an autistic boy who plays games on his smartphone. Download it now and see what happened.
8 Total Score
Come Play Review Summary

  • The acting performances in this movie are actually very good
  • Larry is a very interesting and cool monster/villain!
  • This is a fun and thrilling horror movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat
  • If you like monster movies, this is one that is well worth watching
  • The ending does not quite work for me, it is not bad, but not great either
  • If you are not into horror movies then you will flat out not enjoy this movie
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