Curse of Chucky

With Seed of Chucky not doing all that great critically or commercially, it would take nearly ten years for the next installment. Curse of Chucky was a straight-to-DVD release and I remember being excited about it. This was going back to being more of a horror than a comedy like the last two movies had been.

How to Download Curse of Chucky

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The Movie Review

There are a couple of cool things about Curse of Chucky. First of all, Brad Dourif returns a Chucky, but his real-life daughter, Fiona Dourif plays the lead role of Nica. Also, when I saw the trailers for this and from the bits I had read here and there, I was sure that this was some kind of reboot, but nope, this ties into the Chucky lore that we already have and there is a really cool reveal.

A Deep Dive into Curse of Chucky’s Plot

I will give you a SPOILER WARNING as I will be revealing some key info about the movie so keep that in mind before continuing! The movie takes place mainly in one location which is a big house that belongs to Sarah and her paraplegic daughter Nica. Nica gets a package in the mail and it is a Good Guy Doll, she kind of just laughs it off and leaves it be. However, as this is the sixth movie, we all know this is no normal Good Guy Doll.

The Climactic Reveal

Chucky kills Sarah! With Sarah dead, Nica’s sister Barb, her husband Ian, daughter Alice, and their very attractive nanny Jill come to the house. For some weird reason, they bring Father Frank with them as well who from what we gather was a close personal friend of the family. Barb wants to sell the house, but Nica does not want to leave.

Tensions between the sisters are high, made even more so by Chucky doing what he usually does, starting off by dumping a bunch of rat poison in the food that Nica has made. People think that Nica is crazy and that she is dangerous, but before long Chucky is revealed to be alive!

Connecting the Chucky Universe

The first half of Curse of Chucky is kind of boring, but once it gets going, this is very entertaining. The way that it is revealed the family knew Charles Lee Ray and Sarah was abducted by him and he was responsible for Nica being in a wheelchair blew my mind. There is also a reveal that shows this is the same Chucky from the other movies and that is awesome.

The Verdict on Curse of Chucky

We also get an epic end credits scene which when I saw it for the first time had me fist-pumping and very excited for them to make another Chucky movie. I liked the direction they took with this, but I do wish that we got a bit more swearing and one-liners from Chucky, I get they were trying to move away from that after Seed of Chucky.

Each time I watch this movie, I will admit that the first half kind of bores me, but as I said, once it kicks into high gear, it is exciting stuff. I just wish that they got to Chucky doing Chucky stuff a little quicker. Although to be fair, the setting and the small cast may have prevented that from happening. On my official Chucky ranking system, Curse of Chucky comes in at number 7.

Curse of Chucky
Curse of Chucky is a horror film in which Chucky returns to his sinister ways in a gripping tale of family secrets and a deadly doll's rampage. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Curse of Chucky Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I liked the darker more serious tone
  • There are some great reveals in this movie
  • It is fun how Brad Dourif and his daughter are the two leads
  • The end credits scene is awesome!
  • The first half of the movie is rather boring
  • Apart from Nica and Chucky (and Jill for her hotness) the rest of the cast was uninteresting
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