Dances with Wolves

Dances with Wolves is an epic Western film produced by Tig Productions and Majestic Films International. The movie is directed by Kevin Costner as it features a cast consisting of Kevin Costner himself as Lieutenant John J. Dunbar, along with Mary McDonnell (Stands With A Fist), Rodney Grant (Wind in His Hair), and Graham Greene (Kicking Bird).

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The Plot

Released on 19th October 1990, Dances with Wolves follows the story of First Lieutenant John J. Dunbar who, after bravely taking part in taking down the Confederates, is rewarded with the horse he rode along with a posting of his choice. Dunbar chooses to be transported to Fort Hays where he is chosen to be posted at a deserted outpost called Fort Sedgewick.

Dunbar rebuilds and restocks but is constantly disturbed by members of the neighboring tribe known as Sioux who try to steal his horse in an attempt to scare him off. Dunbar chooses to go make peace with them but on the way to meet the Sioux, he helps recover Stands With A Fist who tries to harm herself in the process of mourning for her husband.

Stands With a Fist turns out to be the adopted daughter of the tribe’s medicine man called Kicking Bard. Due to this noble act, the Sioux starts to respect Dunbar and Dunbar, in-turn, eventually befriends them to an extent where he moves in with them thereby leaving his original post.

Dunbar befriends a wolf and for that, the Sioux entitles him with Dances with Wolves. When Chief Ten Bears decides to move the Sioux tribe to its winter camp, Dunbar goes back to the abandoned post to collect his diary but is captured by the U.S Army after mistaking him for an enemy due to his Sioux clothing. The caravan carrying Dunbar is attacked by Sioux after which Dunbar is rescued.

Considering how dangerous his presence his, Dunbar decides to leave. 13 years later, the film displays how the last remaining Sioux were forced into slavery by the American government.

Dances with Wolves: the Book

The film is based on a true story implying that there was a real John Dunbar who had disagreements with the U.S government after he sided with the native American tribe. The original script by Michael Blake initially went unsold however, Kevin Costner encouraged Blake to transform his script into a novel to start production.

The novel was initially rejected by numerous publishers but Costner himself decided to purchase its rights and make a film out of it. Once it finally became released, Dances with Wolves, against all odds, took the box office by storm. The film became instantly popular throughout the world, earning over $424 million at the time. At the 63rd Academy Awards, Dances with Wolves was nominated for 12 awards, out of which it won 7 including Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture of the Year.

The Film Review

Dances with Wolves is an overall very emotional film that describes how the native Americans were completely wiped out from their own territory. Along with touching viewers on a very deep level, it also displays the consequences of wars that directly affect the common people.

Dances with Wolves
Dances with Wolves is a famous Western movie based on the book of the same title. Download it and watch how a civil war soldier has joined the Lakota Indians.
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