Talk about a sequel that I never thought we would get! Disenchanted is the sequel to the hilarious, magical, and very clever Enchanted from 2007! I remember my wife dragging me to Enchanted, I really did not want to see it, but I ended up having a great time as it was so much fun.

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I feel that with Disenchanted they managed to once again light that spark, they had with the first movie. However, while I had fun with this, it does lack a little bit of the magic that the first movie offered. That is not to say that the movie is bad, far from it and it has some hilarious ideas, but I have yet to hear anyone that saw the first movie say they preferred this.

They managed to get the cast back from the first movie. We have Amy Addams as Gisele and Patrick Dempsey as Robert once again and their chemistry is great. Idina Menzel and James Marsden return as well. I am a huge James Marsden fan so it is always great to see him on the big screen.

There are some new additions too and as far as the newcomers to the cast go, Maya Rudolph as the villain Malvina is the star here! The plot of the movie takes place ten years after the events of Enchanted and Gisele and Patrick are living a good life in the city with their kids, but something is missing.

They decide that moving to the suburbs is the way to go and set about making this happen. They move to a little town and at first, it all seems lovely, but there are problems. Gisele and her daughter, Gabriella are at each other’s throats, Robert has to drive a long commute to work and we also have Malvina, the head of the community causing trouble too!

Their bad fortunes look like they could change! Giselle ends up getting a magic wand and she uses its power to wish for her family to have a perfect life. What happens is that the place she lives transforms into a fairytale kingdom called, Monrolasia! It appears to be a magical paradise, but things are not what they seem.

You see, in this new fantasy world, Malvina has become a full-on supervillain and she wants to get her hands on the wand. Add to this, if the spell is not reversed the realm of Andalasia will be lost forever! It is some pretty big steaks and it all fits into the very fun fairytale style Enchanted and Disenchanted has going on.

However, the best thing going about Disenchanted is what happens to Gisele. Gisele starts to change too and ends up becoming an “evil stepmother” it is hilarious stuff and you can tell Amy Adams had a fantastic time here. Seeing her get to be naughty and cause trouble was great.

I feel that Disenchanted is a solid movie, but I do think that I preferred the first one. There are many things I love about this movie such as Maya Rudolph, Giselle being bad, and so on. However, it just lacks that little bit of magic that made the original movie such a cult classic. Still, I highly recommend you watch this as it is a fun movie.

Disenchanted is a live-action animated musical film that picks up 10 years after the story of Enchanted ended. Download it now and enjoy it.
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Disenchanted Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I never thought we would get a sequel to Enchanted so it is awesome this even exists
  • Amy Adams is amazing in this movie, as is Maya Rudolph
  • It is a fun sequel that follows the original quite well
  • This is a charming movie and one of the better Disney Plus movies this year
  • I liked the movie, but it was not quite as good as the original
  • There is some questionable CG here which is becoming a theme with Disney Plus shows and movies!
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