Dragon Ball Super: Broly

I am a huge Dragon Ball fan so when I first heard that the 20th movie in the series history was going to be about Broly I was super excited. Did I say 20th? Well yes, yes I did and that is a very special number as I am having a hard time thinking of any other franchises that have had this many movies.

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be available as a pre-order on iTunes. The expected date is 12 May 2019. To check availability, click on the Download button below the movie review. And if you like Dragon Ball, check the fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ and the next film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The Film Review

Let me start by saying that Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a movie that is made for fans of Dragon Ball. I would love to see what someone who is completely new to the series makes of this as I am sure it must seem insane. Still, with that being said, I do feel that the story of the movie is quite clever and has plenty of backstory as well as current events that do allow it to stand on its own, while also being canon.

Speaking of cannon, Broly’s appearance in the movie was something that many people were very interested in. Broly has a much more toned down look than he did in the past. I actually think this works way better and think that Broly is one of the better designed new (well he is not new, but you know what I mean) in the whole Dragon Ball Super Saga.

The story of Dragon Ball Super: Broly is hard to explain to someone who has no concept of the world of Dragon Ball Z. The movie is about three Saiyan’s Goku, Vegeta and of course Broly. The movie kind of takes for granted that you know the story of Goku and Vegeta and to be fair, I would bet most people watching this do. However, it fills in things enough that if a non-fan was made to watch this by a buddy they would not be completely lost.

Goku and Vegeta as always are striving and training to be the very best, but all of this is changed when they encounter Broly. To me the best part about Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the parts of the story that are set in the past. Seeing how Broly became what he is was something that really did have me on the edge of the seat. The abuse this guy underwent was hard to watch and it was no wonder he was the way he was. You really do feel for the guy and I think that shows how good the writing is.

The movie does jump into the future quite a bit as the movie is then set after the events of Dragon Ball Super the TV show. So I do feel that if you are not caught up on the show, you really need to do that before you watch this movie. I would not say that it is essential, but I think you would appreciate what happens here more if you are all up to speed.

As with all Dragon Ball movies, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an over the top fight-filled spectacle of a movie. I was very impressed with the animation and I absolutely loved the arc of Broly. If anything it made me wish the movie spent more time in the past so I could have seen more of how Broly was twisted as he grew up.

I was into this movie from start to end and I do feel that it is one of the best Dragon Ball movies. As much as I loved it though, I do feel that Dragon Ball Z Resection F is still the best of the Dragon Ball movies.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an anime movie in which you will be treated to a lot of fighting. Download it to see the mighty warriors clash.
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