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My son got really into Dragon Ball Z about five or so years ago and as a result, I got into it too. One of the coolest things about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is that it got a pretty wide theatrical release. In my movie theatre, they had two versions of it, they had a dubbed version (which we saw) and a subtitled version too which was really awesome.

How to Download Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

You can download or stream the film from Crunchyroll once some time passes from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s theatrical release. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability. Check out also the previous film from the series – Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The Movie Review

I will start by saying that there is way, way more things I liked about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero than I did not. So far out of the two movies based on the Dragon Ball Super series, this is my favorite. I liked how it had some awesome callbacks to the past of Dragon Ball Z.

The movie brings back the Red Ribbon Army which is so cool! However, this time it is being led by Magenta, who is the son of the previous commander. The Red Ribbon Army was previously defeated by Goki and his buddies, but this time they are back stronger than ever before and there is something just very off about them.

We get a brand-new villain in this movie called Cell Max and if I am being honest, Cell Max was probably my least favorite part of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Do not get me wrong, Cell Max is pretty badass and looks cool, but he is a villain that is all flash and has no real substance.

What I loved about the movie though was the way it portrayed Piccolo. My two favorite characters in Dragon Ball Z history are Piccolo and Krillin. This movie really gives Piccolo a lot of time to shine and seeing him go undercover like a detective to find out more about this new Red Ribbon Army was something that I got a massive kick out of and enjoyed immensely.

The plot is exciting and moves at a blistering pace and I think the way it looked back at previous things that have happened in the series was really well done. In many ways, it is your typical Dragon Ball Z/Super kind of movie, but the plot in between the fighting here is great and very interesting.

Now, speaking of “the fighting” we have to talk about the most notable aspect of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and that is the way it looks. They have used computer animation before in the series and the movies, but the majority of this movie is made with it. At first, when I heard they were going this route, I was not convinced and my son actually hated the idea of it!

However, seeing this on the big screen was pretty damn jaw-dropping. My son even said that the trailers do not do this movie justice in regard to how amazing it looks. They have really outdone themselves here and I could not have been any more impressed. I would wager that the next Dragon Ball Super movie will be done using 100 percent computer animation.

My son is 15 so it is hard to get him to want to go to the movies with me instead of his friends these days, but I am so glad we got to check this out together. This is an action-packed thrill ride from start to end! I loved the way it gave Piccolo more of the spotlight and I am truly excited to see how the series will follow on from this.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is an animated martial arts fantasy and superhero film that belongs to a famous series. Download it and have fun.
9 Total Score
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This is the best story they have given Piccolo in a very long time
  • The new computer animation style looks phenomenal
  • I really enjoyed the overall story
  • The action is pretty epic as you would expect
  • Cell Max looked cool, but he did not have a ton of depth
  • I hope that unlike Dragon Ball Super: Broly, this gets a 4K release when they bring it home
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