Evil Dead (2013)

I loved Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness and wanted a fourth movie so badly! While we never got the fourth Ash-led Evil Dead movie, I do have to say that I did enjoy many of the Evil Dead video games that were on PlayStation during this time. Anyway, it may have taken 20 years, but we did eventually get a new Evil Dead movie.

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What we have here is a reboot of the franchise and it was a directorial debut for Fede Alverez who would go on to make the awesome Don’t’ Breath. One of the things that I loved about Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness was the blend of comedy and horror, I liked this more than the straight-up horror movie that was the original Evil Dead.

For the 2013 Evil Dead, Alverez wanted to be more like Sam Raimi’s original movie and make it a straight-up horror movie. Now, I will be honest here, the first time I saw this movie, I was not keen. I know that people loved and raved about it, but this was not what I wanted from an Evil Dead movie.

I have since watched the movie twice more and I have liked it more each time. It is a solid horror movie and one that is not shy to show gore or make you feel terrified. I feel that it fits in with many of the more modern horror and gore-fest movies that we have these days very well.

The movie does have a lot of similarities with the original Evil Dead. It takes place in a creepy cabin in the wood and an evil book ends up being the cause of a demonic force being unleashed on our cast of characters. In many ways, it is like a reimagining of that original movie.

A guy called David along with his girlfriend Natalie and their dog come to this cabin in the woods. The reason they have come here is that David’s sister is going to be trying to get off heroin and they feel an isolated cabin in the woods is the best place. Mia (his sister) brings her friends Eric and Olivia for support to help her through this time.

Once the incarnation is read from the book, the evil starts to seep in and take control. One thing I thought was neat here was that the evil actually had a purpose. It did not want to just kill for the sake of killing. There is a Taker of Souls that needs to take five souls in order to unleash the Abomination on the world. I thought the premise here was really cool and added some lore to the Deadites.

If you want a brutal gore fest horror movie, Evil Dead delivers and delivers big time. As a remake or reimagining of that original Evil Dead movie, it works and works very well. For me, I just wanted Ash back doing what Ash does best! I think the fact that we got Ash vs Evil Dead a couple of years later has actually made me like this more horror-focused Evil Dead more as I see it as its own thing.

Evil Dead (2013)
Evil Dead released back in 2013 is the fourth film in the series of horror movies that was started in 1981. Download it now.
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Evil Dead (2013) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • If you want a bloody and messed-up horror, this is perfect
  • It is actually a solid horror movie that I have grown to really like
  • I thought it was good how there was a bit more “lore” to the Deadites
  • If you preferred the original horror Evil Dead, you will probably love this
  • I hated the Ash cameo in the end credit scene, it was one of the things that turned me off actually as it made me miss him even more!
  • While I like this as a straight-up horror movie, I missed the goofy and wackiness the previous two movies had
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