Fall (2022)

Fall was one of those movies that the wife and I went to see because we literally had nothing else to go and see! To be honest, we like these types of thriller/survival movies and it had Jeffery Dean Morgan in it so it couldn’t be that bad. It is a fun, but predictable survival movie that is a hard watch if you are not too keen on heights!

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Eventually, you will be able to download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability. If you like survival films, check out another 2022 release – Beast.

The Movie Review

At the start of the movie, we see our two main characters Becky and her best friend, Hunter. Becky, Hunter, and Becky’s husband Dan are partaking in some rock climbing when Dan tragically falls to his death! This is a pretty damn epic way to start the movie, it starts off at 100mph and then it slows things down before ramping them up again.

You see, a year later, Becky is a mess. Becky is pretty much an alcoholic and she is distancing herself from her father too. Hunter who has become something of an internet celebrity thanks to her daredevil social media posts, goes to Becky to try and help her get her life back on track.

Becky was just as much of an adrenaline junkie as Hunter was before Dan’s death. Hunter decides that the best way to help Becky get out of this funk is to scale a radio tower that is in the middle of nowhere and is 2,000 feet tall! Becky eventually agrees to go on the trip with Hunter and for a while, it looks like Hunter’s plan may be working.

As these two daredevil ladies make their way up the tower tragedy strikes as the ladder that got them to the disc at the top breaks and now, they are stranded. To be fair, they manage to keep a cool head for a while, sure that someone will see and help them, but before long they realize that they are stuck and must try to get help or down themselves.

From here we get some pretty tense moments, the most nerve-wracking part of the movie is when Hunter decides to abseil down the tower to a satellite dish as the bag that has their water on it landed here when the ladder broke. This scene is shot so well and it literally had me holding my breath the whole time.

It is kind of interesting watching the two ladies try to figure out a way to get out of the dangerous situation that they find themselves in. One part of the movie that I was not a huge fan of was the whole “drama” aspect of it. It felt like it was added on for no real reason and it did not add much to the movie. I will not spoil what it was, but it is so obvious pretty early on.

One thing that my wife and I both agreed on and this may sound a bit crazy is that Fall and the movie, 47 Meters Down are very similar, it is just one takes place on the top of a tower and there are vultures after them and the other is at the bottom of the sea with sharks. If you liked the tension that 47 Meters Down offered, you will probably like this too.

In all, it may not be one of the best movies I have seen in 2022, but I am still glad that I went to see it. The way that it makes you feel for these women like you are up there with them is really impressive. If you love survival-style movies then you can do a lot worse than Fall that is for sure!

Fall (2022)
Fall is a 2022 survival thriller about two girls climbing an old TV tower that is located in a desert. Download it when it is available and have a thrilling time.
7.5 Total Score
Fall (2022) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Seeing Jeffery Dean Morgan on the big screen is never a bad thing
  • The way the movie is shot is great, it makes you feel like you are there with them
  • You legit want to see Becky get out of this
  • If you liked the movie 47 Meters Down, I am certain you will like this too
  • I did not really like Hunter as a character
  • The “drama” plot twist that the movie has is tacked on and very predictable
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