Survival Movies

Cast Away


Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks when working together, always manage to surprise us with something unique and lovable. A character that we can root for, cry with, and fall absolutely in love with their ...

Squid Game


What more could I possibly say about Squid Game than has already been said? All the hype is real, this is one of the best shows of 2021 and one of the best Netflix Original's they have done so far. ...

The Martian


While Ridley Scott isn't as great at versatility as Steven Spielberg, he's definitely had his shot and is among the list of great directors who've directed several different types of films. Most of ...

Gravity (2013)


Ah, space, the final frontier. This is a place so devastatingly large and unknown that it remains the longest-standing mystery ever since the beginning of time. There are many films that seem to ...