Ferdinand is a 3D comedy-adventure animated film produced by Blue Sky Studios. The film stars John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Gina Rodriguez, Daveed Diggs, Gabriel Iglesias, and Anthony Anderson as the main cast. The film premiered on 8th December 2017 and is directed by Carlos Saldanha.

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The Film Review

Ferdinand brings us the story of a young bull who, contrary to his animalistic nature, is of a gentle kind as he hates the sport of bullfighting. Being born and raised in an environment where bulls are forced to compete, our protagonist is forced to run away after being mocked by his peers due to his gentle nature. The amiable bull is then adopted by Juan, his dog Paco, and his daughter Nina, on a farm owned by them. Once our hero is all grown up, an accident occurs which leads him to go wild, forcing Juan to send him back to the bullfighting arena where he encounters all his old peers and manages to win them over by making them realize how bullfighting ultimately leads to their deaths. Ferdinand, along with his friends, must now escape the clutches of Morena, the arena owner, and find their way back to Juan’s farm in order to achieve salvation.

Ferdinand, initially, was a children’s book which went by the name of The Story of Ferdinand. In 2011, 20th Century Fox Animation acquired the rights to that book and decided to make a film out of it through the same experienced company which previously produced Ice Age and Robots. According to Saldanha, one of the main challenges he had to face as the director was how to expand the concept of a small children’s book into a full feature film that revolved around a proper story. Explaining further, Saldanha explained how the film’s toughest moment was when he had to come up with all the characters that were to be animated starting from the end of the film.

Another difficult task related to the film was developing a full-fledged cast that supported or was directly involved in Ferdinand’s journey, including an egotistical anxious bull named Guapo.

The plot of the movie has a strong message not just for the children, but for those adults as well who feel insecure about their personalities. Ferdinand, being different than the rest of his kind, is a great example of how being different does not necessarily mean that one is inferior.

At the end of the film, Ferdinand’s unique personality is the major difference that keeps the rest of the bulls from being slaughtered as well.

Thanks to Ferdinand’s non-fighting nature, he manages to convince all the other bulls from going out in the arena and in turn, escape to settle peacefully on the farm. The voice actor of Ferdinand, John Cena, also stated that the only advice he received from director Saldanha was to just be himself as that will naturally bring out the best in him.

The humorous plot combined with the music, composed by John Powell, makes the film perfect to watch with the family as it contains a great message topped with some hilarious dialogues and moments.

Ferdinand is an American animated movie which is based on the The Story of Ferdinand from 1936. Download it and watch with your friends and family.
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