Final Destination 3

If you’ve seen the first or second Final Destination films, there isn’t much left to reveal. That’s always going to be the plot, and the tale is presented and the stage is set in the same exact manner as it is in the previous installations of this franchise. The next two movies only get more inventive with how dirty, gory, and bizarre each person is killed.

These films have a penchant for gore and violence, and it isn’t ashamed of being a campy franchise. Despite the films’ obviously poor filmmaking, I enjoyed them due to that factor. Final Destination 3 is essentially the same as the previous two films, but no one could have predicted how enjoyable it would be due to the twisted ambitions of this one.

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The Movie Review

In Final Destination 3, Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Wendy Christensen, a stunning high school senior who goes to a theme park with her friends and decides to ride a big roller coaster. Now, this would be harmless in any other story, but not here.

Wendy has a deadly premonition through which she sees that everyone on the rollercoaster will die. She saves her and those nearby (Ryan Merryman, Texas Battle, Chelan Simmons, Amanda Crew), but they soon start dying in strange accidents. She saves her life and the lives of a select few other people, but death doesn’t like those who cheat it. Now, Death is on the hunt and it is seeking those who avoided their one-way ticket to hell.

Trying to predict which of the ridiculously over-determined probable threats will cause the spooky killings is what provides amusement and delight. Since none of the characters from the previous installments are making a comeback in Final Destination 3, we’re ensured that this whole new cast is going to suffer extensively since they don’t know what they’re dealing with. And boy do they suffer, in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. The main thrill lies in discovering what new and amazing ways the VFX team can conjure up realistic-looking deaths in the film.

The acting in the film is actually so much better than in the films before this. The best performance in the film is definitely by America Elizabeth Winstead as Wendy. She brings such an innocent charm to the film that you can’t help but feel emotionally connected to the character and the story. Not to mention, if you like the main character, the stakes of a horror film will automatically increase. The rest of the cast is also decent in their roles, but none stand out quite like Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The sole purpose of Final Destination movies is to murder its leads in horrifyingly accurate detail. Death is out for blood in this film, and it’s so much more violent than ever before. This film includes some of the wildest Final Destination fatalities including beheadings, explosions, crushing, burning, and more!

No practical effects were used as far as I know for most of the gruesome death sequences, and it was all done through extensive visual effects work. It looks phenomenal, I do have to say. It is highly predictable though, but it is frightful and entertaining, though the cinematography is bad enough to bring the visual quality down to a 6 out of 10.

The Music

The soundtrack though is not too great, it’s so forgettable that I had forgotten it essentially 2 minutes after watching the film. Not to mention, it didn’t add too much to the overall film and its execution, it didn’t enhance the flavor of the death sequences nor did it give death an ominous aura. The film did it all by itself, without the soundtrack helping in any way.

The Verdict

Ghoulish and sickening, Final Destination 3 is a very good sequel when compared to its predecessors. The story itself is extremely generic to the Final Destination franchise, and so I might not appreciate it as much as the original. However, the execution of this film is much better than the first one.

The way everything plays out is great, the sound effects are crunchy and hard-hitting, and the characters truly suffer with some gruesome death sequences along with a likable main character that makes you invested in the film. James Wong’s original FD film was lackluster, but he does slightly redeem himself with Final Destination 3.

Final Destination 3
Final Destination 3 is a supernatural horror from 2006. Download it now and see what happened to Wendy Christensen when she visited an amusement park.
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Final Destination 3 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Really great death sequences and visual effects
  • A lovable main character
  • Campy but entertaining
  • A generic story
  • Really forgettable soundtrack
  • Bland cinematography
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