Based on a series of popular and iconic sci-fi books written by Isaac Asimov that date back to the early 40s! Foundation is an Apple TV+ show that many people were very excited and interested in. Even though I have not read the books, I had heard of them and their influence on stuff like Dune, Star Trek, and Star Wars so I was curious to check this out.

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Another reason that Foundation appealed to me was the brains behind it. David S. Goyer the writer behind the Bale, Dark Knight Trilogy, and Josh Friedman who has worked on some great stuff I like such as The Sarah Connor Chronicles and he is also working on Avatar 2. These guys being the force behind this show made it even more appealing to me.

The casting here is great, Foundation is a show that has a large ensemble kind of cast so I cannot break down everyone that is involved. However, my favorite performance in this show has to be Lee Pace who is the main villain, Brother Day. He just takes over every scene that he is in and he is a villain with a bit of conflict inside him too which I loved.

As far as the plot of Foundation goes… it is very, very complicated! I can see why some people would have watched those first two episodes when they launched and never came back, heck that is what happened when my wife watched it. However, those that stick with it will find that it is a show which just gets better and better.

The basics of the story are that we have this Galactic Empire that rules over the galaxy. The galaxy is ruled by three brothers that will do anything to keep things the way they are. We have this mathematician called, Hari Seldon who through mathematics is able to see into the future and sees that the galaxy will be turned to darkness.

On another planet, we have this amazing girl called, Gaal. Gaal was able to solve a supposedly impossible math problem. This leads Hari to think that Gaal’s problem-solving skills can solve the potential darkness the galaxy is under threat from. The three brothers who rule the Galactic Empire are not willing to let this happen. This is a very basic summary of the plot as there is a ton more going on.

I was hooked from the very start, but I love sci-fi! The way that things do not make much sense, but are all cleverly wrapped by the tenth episode is great. Not only that, Foundation does some fantastic world (well galaxy) building that sets things up for a very exciting future for the series.

I cannot think of another TV show in 2021 that is as visually stunning as Foundation. This is big-budget TV at its very best and the level of special effects here are better than many theatrically released sci-fi movies! I really cannot praise the production of this show highly enough!

With a story that spans many planets, periods of time, and lots of characters, Foundation can be hard to follow. However, the show does all click and for those that like stuff like this, it is one of the best sci-fi shows of the last decade. I do think that for some people, this is just not going to be for them, but I recommend you get to at least episode three before quitting.

Foundation (TV series)
Foundation is a TV series available on Apple TV+. Download it now and see the world from the classic science fiction books by Isaac Asimov (1920-1992).
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