Frozen is an American animated downloadable movie that combines fairy tale and action-adventure elements with an artistic flair of the musical. The production, directed by Chris Buck, was created by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The film, which premiered on November 17, 2013, and can boast two Oscars. The movie was awarded for the best-animated feature film and for the best song. The song Let It Go, performed by Idina Mendez has become an instant hit. The lyrics tell about finding your true self despite the difficulties and lack of acceptance from the people near you. Also, the songs Do You Want to Build a Snowman? and For the First Time in Forever are memorable and will be with you long after you finish watching Frozen

How to Stream or Download Frozen

You can stream it or you can download Frozen online from iTunes, both in HD and SD resolutions. You can also rent it. To view the movie, you need an iTunes player that is free To stream or to download. To start watching click the Download button.

The Story

Frozen is primarily a story about the troubles of two sister princesses, who with time grow more distant emotionally. The starting point of the story is the moment when Elsa’s magical abilities accidentally hurt her during her play time with Anna. The event makes the sisters stop playing together, while Elsa spends a lot of time in isolation, trying hard to harness her magical abilities. Time passed until the coronation of Elsa. Unfortunately, at this point, Elsa is still not able to control her gift – she freezes the floor in the main ballroom, thus bringing her homeland to an endlessly harsh winter. After this incident, she escapes from her country. The news of her sister’s escape worries Anna, who decides to find Elsa no matter what. During her exciting expedition, the princess is supported by her comrades – the trader Kristoff, the reindeer Sven and the funny snowman Olaf.

The Characters in Frozen

The Frozen characters delight with their diversity. Despite her aristocratic background and her undeniable personal charm, Anna can go beyond her comfort zone and be mature enough to risk and take responsibility to do what she thinks is right. In addition, she is eager to rebuild her relationship with her sister. In her efforts to save the kingdom and her own family she shows admirable determination.

Elsa, on the other hand, gives the impression of a withdrawn person who is cold and aloof much like The Snow Queen. This impression is just a part of the truth. The soul of Elsa is filled with extreme emotions, which are the result of her unharnessed magical powers. Elsa lives in constant fear of the future and worries to harm her loved ones by accident. She is afraid that she will become a real monster that no one will be able to stop.

The most important male character in the film – Kristoff – is the type of a loner who, before meeting Anna, spends time with his reindeer Sven which has some anthropomorphic qualities about him. Although for many it may seem a bit uninspiring, his warm relationship with Anna compensates for his shortcomings.

Olaf the living snowman is the character who brings in much joy and laughter. He is an abandoned creation of Elsa’s.

Frozen, a fascinating fairy tale inspired by The Snow Queen is undoubtedly an animated production designed primarily for the youngest viewers. However, this does not change the fact that the film transmits timeless values. The stories of the characters clearly demonstrate the importance of friendship in human life and prove that voluntary solitude is never the right solution.

Frozen is a hit Disney film which popularity has not diminished over the years. Just see how many Frozen gadgets are sold around. Download the movie, have fun, and even shed a tear.
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