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Animated films are hard to judge usually, you can’t put them on the same spectrum as a regular film because their target audience is usually children. These films are meant to entertain more so than anything else, they are meant to make children feel good and be a good time for them, not for pesky adults to judge and criticize. However, every once in a while, there comes a children’s film that lacks heart to such an extent, you kinda have to express how you feel about them. Gnome Alone is one of these films.

How to Download Gnome Alone

You can download the film from a digital store. You can also stream it. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. The film was directed by Peter Lepeniotis. Check out also other films in which he was involved (as animator or director) – Casper, Toy Story 2, Fantasia 2000, Dinosaur, The Nut Job, The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, or PAW Patrol: The Movie.

The Movie Review

Chloe and her wandering mother, Catherine, settle into a new abode, an antique house adorned with various garden gnomes. Chloe uncovers a vibrant green crystal, and in her quest to gain acceptance from the popular clique in her school, Chloe gives the magical necklace to a girl named Brittany. However, Chloe soon realizes that the Keystone, the crystal she had given away, had significant significance to the house, as it was a portal to another world.

The otherworldly place is inhabited by rotund, ravenous creatures with purple skin called Troggs. Meanwhile, Zook, one of the garden gnomes, reveals to her that they are, in fact, alive and have been tasked with safeguarding the world. They need the Keystone to fulfill their duty and restore order to the world.

Now, I will say that I wouldn’t call this film’s premise ‘incredible’ or anything, but it’s an acceptable plot for a kids’ film, even though garden gnomes have gotten way too tiring as centerpieces for animated films.

Everything else about this film, though, reeked of genericness. It follows the tired trope of two youngsters rescuing the world from peril with the assistance of fantastical creatures.

Essentially nothing in this story was innovative, from the house they relocate to being stereotypically spooky, to Chloe and Liam’s initial relationship going from hostility to friendship, and even Chloe’s yearning for the acceptance of a popular crowd is all just outdated gibberish at this point.

The Characters

The characters were, without exception, unappealing. Chloe was perpetually preoccupied with her device, rendering her a vexing protagonist, while the garden gnomes were entirely disagreeable. None of them had any redeeming qualities; they were all dense, unkind, and unamusing. Brittany and her entourage were best left unmentioned.

Liam was perhaps the most likable character when you are first introduced to him, but that quickly fades away. Liam’s character is perplexing. In an era where the emphasis is on teaching people that ‘no means no,’ the writers opted to create a male character who is the most persistent creep I’ve seen in ages. Despite his obnoxious behavior and refusal to accept ‘no’ for an answer, he ultimately gets the girl.

The Animation

The animation quality in Gnome Alone is remarkably weak, and it is evident from the start of the film. The characters’ movements are frequently jerky and unnatural, and the animation of the gnomes is especially poor.

It’s disappointing, the lack of animation quality significantly detracts from the film’s overall quality, and it makes the movie feel cheap and hastily produced. I understand that this had a lower budget, but it definitely should have utilized more of it in animation and art.

The backgrounds and settings are bland, with little attention paid to detail, which further contributes to the subpar art design.

The Music

The music is also quite forgettable and feels half-hearted, and it doesn’t leave much of an emotional punch. Music can be a powerful tool in conveying the mood and emotion of a scene, however, the music here feels like an afterthought, with no real thought given to how it can enhance any of the film’s power.

This lack of attention to the soundtrack can be a significant drawback, especially in scenes that are meant to be emotional or poignant, where the music is a crucial element in conveying the intended sentiment.


Gnome Alone has got some interesting ideas, but there are just too many problems to make it a worthwhile experience. While the premise is intriguing, it’s buried under a mountain of weaknesses that make it hard to recommend this flick to anyone who’s looking for an actual good time.

The animation quality is about as smooth as a bumpy road, and the backgrounds are unremarkable.

The characters are as one-dimensional as a sheet of paper and just as forgettable. If you’re desperate for some laughs or you’re just really into garden gnomes, maybe give it a shot.

Gnome Alone
Gnome Alone is an animated film that tells the story of Chole, a girl who moves to a new house. Download it now and see what happened.
3.5 Total Score
Gnome Alone Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Interesting premise
  • Some funny moments
  • Unique story elements
  • Poor animation quality
  • One-dimensional and unlikable characters
  • Forgettable and half-hearted soundtrack
  • Clichéd plot points and character traits
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