Gone in 60 Seconds

There are many films about cars that promise an adrenaline-fueled joyride with daring car chases, high-octane action, and a genuinely fun time. There are hundreds of these out there, from the obvious Fast and Furious franchise that has run itself into the wall, to movies like Transporter and Need for Speed. Yet, when it’s a premise like that starring Nicolas Cage, you best believe it might be bad, but it will be entertaining.

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The Movie Review

Gone in 60 Seconds tells the story of Randall “Memphis” Raines, a badass retired car thief. But when his stupid little brother, Kip, gets caught up with a scary mobster named Raymond Calitri, Memphis is dragged back into criminal life.

To save Kip’s life, Memphis puts together a crew of skilled car thieves for an insane mission – steal 50 fancy cars in just one night. The clock is ticking, in this wild race against time to pull off the heist, protect their loved ones, and hopefully avoid ending up six feet under.

Right out of the gate, the writing in Gone in 60 Seconds is a total letdown, much like the characters themselves. Seriously, it’s as shallow as a kiddie pool. The dialogue is boring and full of cheesy lines that would make a car lover roll their eyes. The story itself is too basic, relying on a bunch of convenient coincidences and twists you can see coming from a mile away. They could’ve dug deeper into the characters’ minds and motivations, but nope, they missed the mark completely in the writing department.

Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone in 60 Seconds is an action heist film from from 2000. Download it now and enjoy performances by Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage.

Director Dominic Sena’s vision for Gone in 60 Seconds seems to be solely focused on the flashy cars and high-speed chases, while neglecting the other aspects that make a film fully compelling.

The pacing is erratic, with poorly executed transitions and jarring edits that disrupt the flow of the story. It feels like Sena was more interested in showcasing the vehicles rather than crafting a coherent narrative. Though, I must say, that still works to an extent because the action is campy goodness.

Even though Gone in 60 Seconds boasts big names like Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, and Giovanni Ribisi, their talents go to waste thanks to the lack of character development.

Seriously, these characters are as flat as a pancake, with no emotional depth or interesting backgrounds. Cage’s performance as Memphis Raines is fine, but he does go way over the top and it feels fake rather than natural here. The chemistry between the actors is a total dud too, so don’t expect to feel any real connection or investment in their relationships.

The Visuals

From a visual standpoint, Gone in 60 Seconds does have its moments. The sleek and shiny cars are beautifully captured, showcasing their power and allure. However, the cinematography is inconsistent, with some scenes feeling poorly lit and others overly stylized.

The action sequences lack tension and coherence, even if they are simply too extravagant to ignore. They just leave a sense of confusion in the viewer, for me, I could barely tell what was happening at times.


The soundtrack attempts to inject some energy into the film but ultimately falls short. While the music choices are fitting for a movie centered around car culture, they often feel forced and predictable. The soundtrack becomes background noise, failing to enhance the viewing experience or elevate the scenes.


Even with a bunch of famous actors and a bunch of badass cars, Gone in 60 Seconds is laid out like a flat tire. The screenplay is as exciting as watching paint dry, the direction lacks any spark of creativity, and the characters are underdeveloped. It might give car enthusiasts a little thrill, but it’s not enough to save it from being a major disappointment.

Honestly, you’ll be left wishing for a more exciting and well-crafted story. I’d suggest rewatching Con Air another 15 times instead.

3.5 Total Score
Gone in 60 Seconds Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Impressive collection of high-end cars
  • A few good entertaining moments in the action scenes
  • Some visually appealing cinematography
  • Nicolas Cage's energetic performance
  • Lackluster screenplay and uninspired dialogue
  • Underdeveloped and one-dimensional characters
  • Inconsistent direction and pacing
  • Weak chemistry among the cast
  • Forgettable and forced soundtrack
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