Need for Speed (2014 Movie)

Need for Speed is a downloadable movie adaptation of a long-running video game series, full of fast cars, high-speed races, and dangerous stunts. As far as the video games are concerned, Need for Speed is a staple in the racing genre and has been around for many years. They don’t have a central plot but instead focus on improved cars, better graphics, and crazier races.

The game series are not renowned for their storytelling, but rather the adrenaline-filled automotive action they provide. This makes Need for Speed an interesting video game franchise to adapt to film, but with the success of the Fast and the Furious franchise, it makes sense from a business perspective. With Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul in the lead role and plenty of expensive and insanely fast cars, the film manages to be an entertaining flick that takes itself a bit too seriously.

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To stream or to download Need for Speed from iTunes click on the link below the review. The film is available in several languages but Tamil and Hindi might not be supported. You can rent or buy the movie in either SD or HD quality. If you are curious about the NfS games we recommend you download and check out the following ones:

The Game Review

The story of Need for Speed centers on Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a driver/mechanic who works out of his late father’s garage. Besides working on cars, Tobey and his crew participate in highly illegal street races to scrounge up cash.

After a car accident leads to an unfortunate death, Tobey finds himself serving time in prison. Upon his release, he sets out to track down the man responsible and prove his innocence. This leads Tobey to a secretive cross country race, where he must put his driving skills to the test.

As a racing movie like Fast and the Furious, Need for Speed does a good job delivering white-knuckle car scenes. Expensive cars get driven at ridiculous speeds, there are numerous exciting chase scenes and plenty of stunts and crashes. For the most part, the film is grounded in realism, except when things get exceptionally ridiculous.

This is both a positive and a negative, as I admired the film’s early attempts to show just how dangerous illegal street races are. When cars flip and crash, characters don’t walk away unscathed. There are serious consequences to these dangerous actions, and as the audience, you feel those consequences.

Unfortunately, as the film progresses, things get progressively sillier and sillier for the sake of action. The film stumbles into Fast and the Furious territory a few times, showing off car stunts that are wildly unrealistic and ridiculous. The movie flops back and forth between ultra-seriousness and a wildly fun attitude. These two tones ultimately conflict with each other, and you’re unsure whether to cheer or feel frightened.

Generally speaking, the movie manages to excite when cars are on the screen. Unfortunately, the film spends a lot of time on its characters and “recent convict proving his innocence” plot. While I understand the necessity for a plot, I cannot understand why the film is over two hours long. As an action film about fast cars Need for Speed feels incredibly slow at times.

The plot is decent, but no one is watching this movie for the story. This action movie feels more focused on its characters than its cars, and that’s an issue. The drama isn’t riveting enough to keep you glued to the screen, so after a handful of scenes without any action to speak of, things can get boring. Aaron Paul delivers a good performance, and the rest of the cast is serviceable enough. However, no amount of great acting can overcome the mediocre script. Need for Speed is an enjoyable movie, but it slows down too much and takes itself too seriously. It’s better than some Fast and the Furious films, but just barely.

Need for Speed Movie
Need for Speed is an action-adventure movie based on the famous video games franchise. Download it now to see some car racing stunts.
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