Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is a downloadable game from Electronic Arts. (This publisher  is responsible among others for the famous The Sims series). The game is the twenty-sixth part from the cult racing series. The title allows you to play solo as well as to have fun with other players. Unlike the previous part, it does not require an internet connection.

How to Download Need For Speed Payback

To download the game, use the Origin platform. To start the download, click on the button at the end of the game review.

The Gameplay

The setting of the game is a fictitious open-world area called Fortune Valley, where the underground world is ruled by the cartel called Familia. The influential group has not only many thugs doing their bidding, but even some of the local police are in their pocket. This, it would seem, an unbeatable gang is challenged by three friends: Tyler, Mac, and Jess. The protagonists lost everything as a result of the betrayal of their (former) accomplice. To get back on Familia the friends must go out on a limb and fight with this very influential opponent.

Each of the heroes has unique abilities that make them champions in a specific type of racing.

  • Tyler “You” Morgan is irreplaceable in all kinds of races, has amazing reflexes and his main goal is to win.
  • Jessica “Jess” Miller, in turn, loves racing battles that require cunning and maintaining cold blood: escaping from the police or a hostile gang is not a problem for her.
  • Sean “Mac” McAlister, the last of three, is irreplaceable in races which requires finesse and imagination; city streets or spectacular tracks are not his forte, he prefers racing in the open areas

Because of these skills, each of the friends gets different tasks to do. Fortune Valley itself has been divided into spheres of influence managed by various clans specializing in different types of car battles.

As in every part of the series, the range of cars that we can drive is quite wide. They were divided into five categories – the cars for racing, off-road driving, drifting, escapes and drag racing. As always, the players can freely modify the appearance as well as the performance of their vehicles. New parts can be obtained as prizes in races and also bought in a car shop. The vehicles can be acquired in several ways. You can buy them for money, win them at the races, get them after winning a bet from other drivers or … search for abandoned cars on the streets of Fortune Valley and find the ones that please you. Such wrecks go to the workshop, where it is even possible to restore them to the factory condition!

Between the races, you will see cut-scenes that will show amazing car maneuvers but also will tell the backstory of each of the three friends. Will they be able to take revenge and win the fight with Familia?

Need for Speed Payback
Need For Speed Payback is a racing game. In an open world, you race and relive scenes from action movies. Download the game and feel like the hero of Fast and the Furious.
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