Good Boys (2019)

With other titles such as Sausage Party, Bad Neighbors, and especially Superbad on the movie poster, Good Boys was a movie I was very excited about. Superbad is one of my all-time favorite comedies and any movie that has any kind of association with that gets my attention. However, I went into this expecting a gross-out and offensive comedy, which it was, but it was also so much more!

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The story is about three kids who are in the sixth grade and who are best buddies. The kids are, Max, Lucas, and Thor, and the movie is basically a coming of age style story about these kids starting to grow up. Max has a crush on a girl at school called, Brixlee, and the boys have been invited to their first-ever kissing party and this has Max very excited.

The boys have no clue what kissing actually is all about so they decide to take Max’s dad’s prized drone to spy on the teenage neighbors so that they can get a better idea. Well, this is where things go very wrong, they crash the drone and, in their attempts, to get it back, they end up with a bag of ecstasy!

This starts a chain of events where the boys go from trying to replace Max’s dad’s drone to running away from the teenage girls who want their ecstasy back to trying to get to the party. As you would expect, there are all kinds of hijinks and hilarity on the way as things just get more and more out of hand.

Now that right there is enough for me to think that Good Boys is a good and hilarious movie, but this movie has something I was not expecting – heart. These really are “good boys” and you cannot help, but like them all. Each one has something going on in their lives such as Max having trouble with his romantic feelings, Thor wanting to be a singer, but being embarrassed and Lucas dealing with his parent’s divorce.

We add to this a while dynamic where it seems like the boys are growing apart as they get older and you really do have a movie that has a lot of heart to go along with the fantastic comedy that it has. I think that this is the aspect of the movie that took people by surprise, the three leads played by Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams are superb and very talented child actors.

I mentioned Superbad before and I think it is the perfect comparison. I think that there are a lot of similarities here with Superbad. We have three good friends that are growing older and trying to figure out what kind of person they are going to be. Of course, lots of crazy stuff happens that tests their friendship along the way.

I was pretty sure that Good Boys was going to be a movie that I really liked before I watched it. I did not just like Good Boys, I ended up loving this movie and would say it is one of the best comedies of the last five or so years. Yes, there is a lot of craziness in this movie, but I think that its heart really does balance it out very well.

Good Boys (2019)
Good Boys is a coming-of-age film from 20019. Download it now and enjoy its comedy moments as well as its romantic themes.
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Good Boys (2019) Review Summary

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  • All three of the kids are likable in their own way
  • There are some hilarious moments in this movie
  • As well as being funny, this movie also has a lot of heart as well
  • If you liked Superbad, I would wager that you will also like this
  • The “good feels” that the movie has may not sit well with those just wanting a gross-out comedy
  • Like Superbad, I would not count on this ever getting a sequel
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