Sausage Party

Sausage Party is a raunchy downloadable animated comedy from the same minds that brought us Superbad, Pineapple Express, and other adult comedies. Despite the film’s very adult rating, the movie resembles an early Pixar movie with its bright characters and fun animation.

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To stream or to download Sausage Party click on the Download link. You will find it below the review. The film is available in several languages. Check if your favorite audio and subtitles version (for example Tamil or Hindi) is available.

The Film Review

With a mixture of dark humor, comedic violence, and a completely ridiculous plot, Sausage Party is a wild ride. The film is packed with an all-star cast who provide great voice work. If you’ve ever seen a film by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, you’ll know what to expect going in. For those who are uninitiated, be prepared for a gaggle of offensive humor, sexual and violent comedy, and a whole helping of stupidity.

The story of Sausage Party focuses on a wide variety of sentient food characters, living their life at the grocery store. Hotdogs, buns, cans of soup, and nearly every food item you can think of gets representation. Every day, the food items eagerly await the customers to come and purchase them. The problem is, the food thinks that humans will bring them to the afterlife. When a select group of food finds out the ugly truth (that humans are simply eating them), they set out to inform the rest of their friends and escape danger.

The plot of Sausage Party is just as ridiculous and silly as it sounds. The movie makes no qualms about how absolutely bonkers the plot is, using it as a container for a variety of funny scenes. Although the movie mainly follows hot dogs Frank (Seth Rogan), Barry (Michael Cera), and Carl (Jonah Hill), the characters run into a wide assortment of other foods. From ethnic foods like Tequila (Bill Hader) to standard vegetables like Lettuce and Tomatoes (Brian Dobson), every conceivable grocery store item pops up. As Frank and his friends go on their epic journey through the food world, we get a hilarious look into each section of the grocery store.

The fantastic cast does a great job with the hilarious script, producing plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes. There are tons of one-liners and raunchy jokes, filling out each scene with numerous laughter opportunities. While not every joke hits, there are more than enough to satisfy any viewer. The movie also does a great job capitalizing on its Pixar-like look by subverting the innocence commonly associated with animated movies. There are incredibly graphic deaths and sex scenes, which are ultimately hilarious since they are comprised of sentient food. Sausage Party often goes above and beyond, pushing the envelope in some noticeable ways.

Sausage Party
Sausage Party is an animated comedy meant for adults. Download it and see how food fights back because it doesn't want to be eaten.
7.5 Total Score
Sausage Party Review Summary

It might not be a perfect comedy, but Sausage Party contains enough laughs and interesting ideas that's its worth a watch. The cast is full of popular comedians and beloved actors and actresses, so it's fun to try and pick out voices as you watch. Some people might find the humor stupid or offensive, and they'd mostly be right. However, if you're a fan of the more ridiculous and immature side of adult comedies, then Sausage Party is a fun package.

  • The premise is interesting and provides a good container for funny scenarios
  • Each character is voice-acted well, thanks to an excellent cast of top quality talent
  • Many jokes and scenes will have you keeling over with laughter
  • Some jokes are downright offensive, although nearly every race and ethnic group gets made fun of
  • Humor is definitely juvenile in nature, which might be off-putting for some
  • Despite interesting characters and funny scenes, the plot doesn't leave a lasting impression
User Rating: 2.5 (2 votes)
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