Adult Animated Movies



Amazon Prime has been on fire the last few years with their original TV series and Undone is one that I am trying to get more of my friends and family to watch. This is the first adult-orientated ...

Dragon Age: Absolution


I am probably what you would call a casual fan of the Dragon Age video game series. I have played a few of the games, but I am a huge fantasy fan so when I saw the trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution, ...

America: The Motion Picture


Netflix does adult humor incredibly well so I was very excited when America: The Motion Picture was announced. Brought to us by director Matt Thompson from an insane script written by Dave Callaham. ...

Dota: Dragon’s Blood


I think that Netflix has managed to do something really cool with Dota: Dragon's Blood. This is going to be fun for fans of the game and also for people who know nothing about the game. They manage ...

Sausage Party


Sausage Party is a raunchy downloadable animated comedy from the same minds that brought us Superbad, Pineapple Express, and other adult comedies. Despite the film's very adult rating, the movie ...