Dragon Age: Absolution

I am probably what you would call a casual fan of the Dragon Age video game series. I have played a few of the games, but I am a huge fantasy fan so when I saw the trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution, I thought that it looked cool and decided to check it out. This is a Netflix Original and one of the surprise hits of the end of 2022 for the streaming platform.

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The Movie Review

To start with, Dragon Age: Absolution only has six episodes so it is not going to require a huge commitment from you. I found that the episodes flowed really well, so well that I ended up watching the whole series in just two sittings. While you need to have a love for fantasy to enjoy this, I am not sure you need to have any familiarity with the series of Bioware video games that the show is based on.

The setting of the show is Thedas. Thedas is a great location and the basics of the story here are a heist that has gone wrong and characters having to deal with the fallout of it. The video games are known to be all about the characters, their relationships, growth, and so on and I think that this show does a great job of making you care about the characters as it carries on that trend.

The main plot is pretty fun. A group of mercenaries tried to steal an artifact known as Circulum Infinitus, to say it goes horribly wrong is a massive understatement and our main characters end up in a situation they could never have imagined. While the characters have a clear goal, it was more the interaction and the growth of the characters that interested me rather than their ultimate goal.

My favorite characters in the show are Qwydion who is a mage and has a great sense of humor and Miriam who is a badass elven mercenary with a rather sad and dark past. I got a real kick out of how it was video game royalty, Ashly Burch who was voicing Qwydion. The entire voice cast in this show is great and it is a huge reason why you do care so much about these characters.

Netflix is truly nailing it with all these anime series that they have been releasing over the last few years. I would not say that Dragon Age: Absolution is the best-looking of all the Netflix anime shows, but it is still very well done. I love this fantasy world and even as someone that has only casually played the games, I could still recognize certain things in this world.

The fact that it only took me two sittings to watch all six episodes of Dragon Age: Absolution tells you that it is a show I did enjoy. I found the characters to be the best thing about this show and while the main plot was fun. If I am being honest, it was secondary to the various issues and conversations the characters had. If you like fantasy shows, be sure to give this one a watch as it is a good time.

Dragon Age: Absolution
Dragon Age: Absolution is an animated fantasy TV series with an adult viewer in mind. Download it and enter the universe based from the famous RPG games series.
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Dragon Age: Absolution Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This show has a great voice cast
  • It has some pretty exciting and thrilling action scenes
  • I liked how the show was very character driven
  • At only six episodes the show moves very quickly with no filler
  • While I liked the characters, the main plot arc was not all that exciting for me
  • You do need to have an interest in fantasy to get into this show
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