Dragon Age: Inquisition

Coming from the devs at Bioware Edmonton, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the 2014 installment in the action-adventure role-playing game series that is heralded for its robust world-building, excellent lore, and deep active-pause combat system.

How to Download Dragon Age: Inquisition

The game can be downloaded from the Origin store. To begin, click on the Download button located below the review. You should also definitely check out the two previous installments of the series: Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II (the first one was a better game than its immediate sequel).

The Game Review

As a protagonist known as the Inquisitor, players are left to customize their hero in any way they see fit as is typical of the genre. Where this game and, indeed, the series stands out is in how much the narrative shapes itself according to a player’s in-game actions.

A villain named Corypheus has opened a breach between the world of Thedas and a demonic realm which only the hero can stop using a brand called the “mark” which is on the hero’s hand.

Riffing heavily on sword-and-sorcery elements, Dragon Age: Inquisition comes at a crossroads for the series.

While it emphasizes all of the traditional meat and potatoes aspects of RPGs, Dragon Age: Inquisition also works to tie together disparate elements introduced in Dragon Age II and Dragon Age Origins.

Continuing the same setting as those games, Dragon Age: Inquisition refines their disparate gameplay styles into one coherent whole.

When it comes to party management, you have control over your protagonist and their traveling companions. This includes battle strategies and what talents you focus on to how balanced you want your party to be. Characterization is workable if a bit stale. Nothing original to see here but that’s not a detraction from the game ultimately.

This is because this RPG deals with huge, global issues in the world of Thedas of which your player character is but a part. A very important part, to be sure, but a character among a pantheon of important people.

Because the narrative combines an epic struggle with a compelling player-guided gameplay system there is little reason not to explore the world and go a bit off the beaten path. Typical to Bioware games, the realm of Thedas is full of stuff to do even if you don’t feel like it. It has a living and breathing quality to it that many RPG worlds, especially those with open-world elements, tend to lack.

A soundtrack composed by Trevor Morris paints an audio landscape that is fittingly epic and tortured at the right places as well as calm and tranquil in others. Rarely disappointing when it comes to an OST, the tracks for the game are some of its highlights and do a great job of complementing the general art style implemented by Matthew Goldman.

Coming at the beginning of the PS4 and Xbox One era of consoles, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a great example of how open-world elements are almost a requirement for major triple-A releases of this generation. A great story that adds to the deep lore already found in the game, coupled with its addictive and fun-as-heck gameplay systems, makes this game that rare “accessible” title from Bioware that almost anyone can enjoy.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third part of the series of fantasy role-playing games from Bioware. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Dragon Age: Inquisition Review Summary

  • Awesome RPG action and story
  • Deep customization and tactical considerations
  • A lot of side content to complete
  • The story seems a bit disconnected from previous games
  • Action can get tedious after long play sessions
  • There’s a lot there but not all of it is very interesting
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