Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

Bioware’s ever-popular series of role-playing games got its start with the first title, Dragon Age: Origins.  Taking place in the appropriately Tolkien-esque Kingdom of Ferelden, Dragon Age: Origins puts you in the middle of Game of Thrones-style politics and a realm in the middle of a civil war.

How to Download Dragon: Age Origins – Ultimate Edition

To download the game, click on the link below the review. The Ultimate Edition of the game includes the expansion pack Awakening and the eight other official DLCs, which are:

  • Feastday gifts and pranks,
  • Leliana’s Song,
  • Return to Ostagar,
  • The Darkspawn Chronicles,
  • The Golems of Amgarrak,
  • The Stone Prisoner,
  • Warden’s Keep,
  • and Witch Hunt.

The Game Review

Like many Bioware RPGs, dialogue, story, and choice are at the top of their game in the Dragon Age series.

The Class System

Characteristic of many role-playing games, you have a class system into which you can sort your character – mage, warrior, and rogue – as well as the selection of races to make your avatars, such as elf, human, or dwarf.

The Story

As a member of the Gray Wardens, the player must help defend the world against an emergent threat called the “Darkspawn” in the game. Again, if all of this sounds very familiar to you, Dragon Age is a bit of a pastiche of every hot fantasy property out there.

The Gameplay in Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

Played from a third-person or top-down perspective, Dragon Age was billed as a successor to the classic PC RPGs Baldur’s Gate and the Neverwinter Nights series of games. Aesthetically and storywise, Dragon Age: Origins is a dark fantasy that mixes high concepts with gritty realism.

Employing over 140 voice actors to flesh out their world, Bioware does not shy away from dialogue and scenarios that are more George R.R. Martin than they are J.R.R. Tolkien. This juxtaposition of different themes makes Dragon Age a compelling piece of gaming.

The Combat

In terms of combat, players will find something between a turn-based Final Fantasy RPG and the Baldur’s Gate style used by PC RPGs in the 1990s. Not quite Dungeons-and-Dragons combat, the fighting is nonetheless strategic and considered. You’ll need to pay attention when gearing and leveling your characters and it helps to know what everything does. Outside of that, however, Dragon Age is the rare “complete experience.”

Critically praised when it was released, Dragon Age: Origins is noted for having that quintessential Bioware magic when it comes to producing a great story with an awesome cast of characters. In the modern era, when so many devs are eschewing single-player games in favor of multiplayer, transaction-heavy experiences, Dragon Age: Origins is a unique title for its dedication to the single-player experience.

The Graphics and the Sound

Graphics, sound, and music are still great even today with the epic OST by Inon Zur doing double time to make sure the atmosphere is just right.

The Bottom Line

Fans of RPGs as well as people who have never really tried one will likely be captivated by Dragon Age’s seamless blend of gameplay and storyline.

Dragon Age History
Dragon Age: Origins was released in 2009 and received nine DLCs, some of them were being published also in 2010. The sequel, called Dragon Age II was published in 2011 and got four DLCs: The Exiled Prince, The Black Emporium, Legacy, and Mark of the Assassin. The third part of the saga, Dragon Age: Inquisition saw the light of day in 2014 and got three DLCs: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser, all of which appeared a year later.

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition
Dragon: Age Origins – Ultimate Edition is a fantasy role-playing game which features active-pause combat system. Download it for many hours of a captivating gameplay.
9.5 Total Score
Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition Review Summary

It’s a hard game to not recommend, and it’s nearly impossible to put down once you start. If you want a game that effectively bridges various media and offers a full experience, look no further than Dragon Age: Origins.

  • Awesome role-playing game combat
  • Great story and narrative
  • Amazing soundtrack and well-done voice acting
  • If you don’t like RPGs, this is a pretty hardcore RPG
  • Fantasy cliches abound
  • Sometimes you just want pure action and you’ll never get that here
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