Amazon Prime has been on fire the last few years with their original TV series and Undone is one that I am trying to get more of my friends and family to watch. This is the first adult-orientated animated series that Amazon has done and it is smart, witty, and just so very engaging, right from the first episode.

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There are two seasons of the show and to be honest with you, my biggest complaint is how long it took season 2 to come out! To be fair, it was during Covid so I will give them a break. However, I bet it is far better for those coming into the show now, watching seasons 1 and 2 back to back. If my biggest complaint is how long it took the second season to come out, you know it must be a good show.

Our main character is a young woman called Alma. Alma is played by Rosa Salazar who is one of those actresses I am always surprised by, but when I check to see where I have seen her before. She has been in a ton of stuff that I love and always does a great job so I am not sure why I keep forgetting who she is!

Anyway, Alma has a very mundane life and is just going through the motions of pretty much doing the same thing every day and wishing for something more. Well, one day as she is on her commute to a job that she does not really love, Alma sees what she thinks is her dead dad and ends up in a car accident.

It turns out that it was not some kind of hallucination! Alma did actually see her dead dad and now he is communicating with her, informing her that his death was in fact a murder! I loved the setup for this and Bob Odenkirk as her dad, Jacob is just awesome and has a very interesting Yoda/Mr. Miyagi kind of character and he and Alma have great chemistry.

I would have to say that Undone is more of a sci-fi show than anything else. Alma has developed the ability to travel through time and her dad is teaching her to use this ability so that she can solve his murder. She even gets her boyfriend Sam to try and believe her and help.

Now, I am not going into spoilers here, but Undone has some great twists and turns to the story and I found it to be just so much fun to watch. It has a bit of humor about it too which helps ease the tension. It manages to walk a very fine line between being funny and serious at the same time.

The second season expands things more with more characters taking on a more important role. I think I do prefer the first season, but to be honest, the second season is nearly as good as the first, I just think the fact I had to wait so long for it kind of killed my excitement a tad. However, if you are new to this show, you will not have that issue and I could see why you may even prefer the second season.

Of course, we have to talk about the look of the show. This is an animated show, but it is done with rotoscoping. Think of something like the music video for Take on Me by A-Ha and you know what I am talking about. I have seen this technique used a lot over the years and it is done very well here, giving the show a more realistic look to it that I liked.

I cannot say enough positive things about Undone. I really do not think Amazon gets the credit it deserves for its original programming as it has so much great stuff on there and this is a “prime” (see what I did there?) example of it. It has been said that a third season of the show is planned and I will be all in on that on day one!

Undone is a very well received animted comedy drama for adults. Download it now and enjoy its fantasy and mystery themes.
9.5 Total Score
Undone Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I love the whole style of the show, it gives it a unique look
  • The show is very character driven which I liked
  • The mystery aspect of the show kept me guessing all the way until the end
  • I would probably say that this is the best animated show Amazon has done so far
  • I am still kind of bitter about having to wait so long for season 2
  • From what I have heard, if there is a season 3, it won't be until 2024 at the earliest!
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