Dota: Dragon’s Blood

I think that Netflix has managed to do something really cool with Dota: Dragon’s Blood. This is going to be fun for fans of the game and also for people who know nothing about the game. They manage to walk this very fine line pretty much perfectly and as soon as the credits rolled on the last episode I went straight online to see if a second season was coming!

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I need to be really careful about the story as I do not want to spoil it for you guys. Our main hero is a Dragon Knight called, Davion. His family was killed by dragons so he hunts them down to make the world safe, but also revenge has a lot to do with it. He is a very complex character and gets even more complex when an ancient dragon called Slyrak merges his soul with him.

He comes across a princess called Mirana and they set out on an epic quest. The “quest” that is at the forefront of the show is about a demon called Terrorblade who wants to kill all dragons so he can pretty much rule the universe. Davion has to put his hatred for dragons aside for the greater good.

If you enjoy fantasy and even sci-fi, Dota: Dragon’s Blood has a lot for you to sink your teeth into. This may sound odd, but I would say the show is like a blend of the Castlevania Netflix show and the 80s, Dungeon & Dragons animated series. That right there is pretty high praise if you ask me!

I hope that tons of people watch it Mainly because it is a fantastic show and I am sure they will enjoy it. Also, this show has some of the best animation I have seen from a Netflix show. The artwork here is phenomenal and there is no way that this did not cost a lot to make. So, any chance of a follow-up season will boil down to how popular it is.

While this looks like a million bucks, Dota: Dragon’s Blood also has some great voice acting too. It is one of those shows that you will be constantly saying “I have heard that voice before”. The reason for this is that they went all-in with some of the best voice actors that are around.

I know that the show is fresh in my mind, but I think I would have to say this is my favorite of all the Netflix animated series I have seen. This is not a straight-up “anime” while it does have what I guess you would call anime elements. I feel this is a great mixture of the best of Eastern and Western styles when it comes to animation. This is one show that you do not want to ignore!

Dota: Dragon's Blood
Dota: Dragon's Blood is a great fantasy anime series based on the highly popular MOBA game from VALVE. Download it now from Netflix.
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