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What can I say, I thought that 2011’s Grown Ups was a ton of fun! This may not be the “norm” but I think that Grown Ups 2 is even more fun. I was shocked that this one got a sequel, but I also have to say that this movie makes me respect Adam Sandler so much! This dude gets paid millions of dollars to make movies with his buddies so this getting a sequel is pretty awesome.

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The Movie Review

The Laid-Back Charm of Grown Ups 2

You just know that he and his friends had a great time making this. The thing with Grown Ups 2 is the same thing with the first one and most of the other Adam Sandler movies of the last decade or so. You are either into them or you do not, I really enjoy them so Grown Ups 2 is a fun watch. However, if you do not like Adam Sandler messing around with his buddies and being “Adam Sandler” why the heck are you watching this or reading this in the first place?

The Gang Returns: Old Friends and New Challenges

The gang from the last movie is back. We have high school best friends, Lenny, Eric, Kurt, and Marcus, and of course all their wives, kids, and so on. The gang are all moving on with their lives and Lenny and his family have moved back to the town where they all grew up together so this sees them getting to see each other and hang out more.

Growing Pains: Kids and Parents Navigating Changes

While we get all of the stuff with the adults here and their lives. Part of Grown Ups 2 is the kids getting older too and the parents dealing with that. This stuff is done really well and I think that Adam Sandler always does a great job of playing a “dad” and having good back-and-forth with younger actors.

New Conflicts: Fathers and Sons

Speaking of kids and younger actors. A new addition here is Braden who is the son of Marcus. Marcus does not know this kid and Braden is a badass teenager who has a lot of hate for his dad. Seeing Marcus and Braden interact is great stuff and while there is fear and hatred at first, in a typical predictable fashion, it all ends up ok by the end.

Nostalgic Showdowns: Lenny vs. The Bully

One of my favorite subplots of the movie is Lenny dealing with his childhood bully, Tommy. Tommy is played by Stone Cold Steve Austin and he is awesome. You just feel so uncomfortable whenever he talks to Lenny and it is hilarious to see the two of them interact, especially when they have their big showdown at the end of the movie.

Frat Foes and Cliff Dives: A Summer to Remember

I also love the jock frat guys! Our aging dudes end up running into a group of frat guys led by the hilarious Taylor Lautner who is freaking insane. This whole scene where they just want to jump off a cliff like they did when they were kids, only for these mean frat dude bullies to cause them trouble is so much fun.

An Epic Party to Kick Off Summer: The Climax of Grown Ups 2

Lenny is throwing some big 80s-themed party at his house to celebrate the start of the summer, that is basically what Grown Ups 2 is building up towards. The road to get there is full of wacky and silly humor and it always gets some laughs out of me. It is your typical modern Adam Sandler comedy in every regard and that is always a fun time for me.

Final Thoughts: Grown Ups 2 as a Guilty Pleasure

I liked the original movie, but I do slightly prefer this one. If you liked the first movie, you will like this, if you did not like it, well skip this as it is more of the same. This is just a fun time, the perfect movie if you want to turn your brain off, eat a bunch of tasty snacks, and just have a few laughs.

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2 brings more laughs with Sandler and the gang facing new antics in their hometown, perfect for a light-hearted movie night. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Grown Ups 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • If you enjoyed the first movie, I am sure you will enjoy this
  • Just like before, this movie has an awesome cast
  • I think they added some fun new characters
  • I liked how it was all about friendship and family at the end of the day
  • Those who do not like this style of Adam Sandler movie will hate this
  • While I really enjoy it and like it better than the first, it is the definition of an unnecessary sequel
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