Halloween Kills

I thought that the 2018 Halloween was a lot of fun. Even though I enjoyed the majority of the sequels going into the 90s and even 00s, I thought the decision to make this a sequel to the 1979 movie was very clever. With Halloween Kills we have part two of a planned trilogy and I can tell you right now that the wife and I had a lot of fun with this movie!

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The Movie Review

This movie is a direct sequel to 2018s Halloween and it has a tremendous flashback sequence to start it off. Near the start of the movie, we see what happened at the end of the last movie with Laurie, Karen, and Allyson being taken away by the emergency services. They left Michael trapped in Laurie’s death dungeon to burn alive, but things do not go as they planned

However, if we have learned anything over these past 40 plus years, Michael Myers does not die easily. Michael gets out and his rampage throughout Haddonfield leading him to his sister is one of the most epic things you will see in a Halloween movie. I do not want to give too much away here, but there are some great “cameos” from the first Halloween movie.

I say cameos in quotes because what could have just been some fan service is far more than that. It is a great and clever way to bridge the original Halloween and this new series together. Getting back to Michael’s rampage through Haddonfield, the town decides they have had enough of living in fear and raches the decision to hunt down Michael and put an end to it!

It is a very interesting take for a Halloween movie. She manages to get them all into this mob mentality and many residents of Haddonfield take to the streets to find and kill Michael. You may think that this makes Michael the prey of this movie, but it is far from it! If anything, people in this mob verge on being like monsters themselves.

Halloween is known for having some grisly kills and in this movie, director David Gordon Green really let Michael cut loose. I have seen all of the Halloween movies and this one has the most graphic and gruesome kills and it is awesome! It is so very well done and even someone like me who likes to think he is pretty desensitized to this kind of thing winced on more than one occasion.

Remember at the start how I said this was the second part of a trilogy? Well, that is both good and bad. It is good because this is an excellent follow-up to that 2018 Halloween movie, I legit could not think of how they could have done this any better. It is also not so good because it 100 percent feels like a setup movie for the next one in many, many ways.

This is especially true for what I would class as a cliffhanger ending. My wife and I really enjoyed the movie, but when it ended, we both kind of looked at each other and said, is that it? We even waited around until the end of the credits as we felt with the way it ended, it could have a teaser for Halloween Ends which is coming next year, spoiler alert, it did not.

In all though, even though it was what I would class as a setup movie, I think that Halloween Kills is another fantastic entry to the series. Michaels brutal killing spree alone makes this one that is worth watching. While the ending may not have thrilled me, it 100 percent has made me excited to see how they are going to end this trilogy.

Halloween Kills
Halloween Kills is a slasher film that is a sequel to the 2018 movie Halloween. Download it now and see what happened this time.
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