Haunted Mansion

My wife will tell you that the main reason I wanted to go and see Haunted Mansion was because I have the hots for Rosario Dawson. Ok, so she is not technically wrong, but the Haunted Mansion (well Phantom Manor actually) is one of my favorite Disney attractions so I was legit interested in checking this movie out in the theatre.

How to Download Haunted Mansion

You will be able to download or stream the film from Disney+ about two months after its theatrical release which happened on July 18, 2023. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the availability. If you like movies of this type, check out also our review of Hocus Pocus.

The 2023 Haunted Mansion Movie: A Review

Is it me or is it super weird that this movie is called Haunted Mansion and not “The” Haunted Mansion? It just feels so weird to say Haunted Mansion without the in front of it. Anyway, we did already have a movie based on this attraction with the Eddie Murphy-led 2003 movie that was ok, it was not great, but it was not horrible either.

The 2023 Haunted Mansion I feel is best described as being “ok” as well. This was not a horrible movie, but it is one that I kind of wish I just waited for on Disney Plus. Although, to be fair, the movie looks fantastic so I guess some of that may have been lost had I watched it on my TV home.

A Familiar Storyline

The movie is similar to the story of the attraction. We have a mother and son called, Gabbie and Travis that have just moved into this big creepy mansion that they plan to fix up. I like the chemistry between these two and Rosario Dawson is as cute as she always is here which is of course great.

Supernatural Intrigues

However, minutes after arriving they find out the place is haunted, but they cannot leave! A spirit is always pulling them back to the mansion and this is where our other characters come into play. We have Father Kent played by Owen Wilson who is pretty much playing the same character he always does and I am ok with that. We also have medium, Harriet who is called in to help, plus we have the always awesome Danny DeVito playing a professor called, Bruce Davis.

Unveiling the Main Protagonist

Yet, I would have to say that our main character is the hairy-chested Ben, played by LaKeith David. Seriously, it is like they made a constant effort to ensure that his hair chest was on display as much as possible. Nothing wrong with that, but it just felt kind of weird to me. Thankfully, Ben is an interesting protagonist and we do like him.

Uncovering the Twist

Ben works as a New Orleans tour guide, but before that, he was a brilliant scientist that invented a camera that can see ghosts! This is what brings him to the mansion and at first he thinks it is not real, but like the others, once he leaves, the mansion pulls him back and he then has to help Gabbie and Travis get rid of the ghost.

Notable Moments and Impressions

I got a real kick out of Jarred Leto playing the role of The Hatbox Ghost which was a lot of fun. I think that the movie manages to tell its own story, but also has elements of the attraction. However, there is just nothing to really wow you here. It is a very basic and boring kind of “ghost story” that feels like 13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill, or even The Haunting that is aimed at a younger audience.

Conclusion and Audience Reception

Yet, with that being said, most younger kids will either find it way too scary or way too boring. In the theatre I watched this there was a constant run of kids leaving the theatre to go to the bathroom so you know that it was not holding their attention! Or, perhaps they found it a bit scary. Haunted Mansion is not a bad movie, but it is also not a great one either. It has some fun moments, but it is pretty average if I am being honest.

Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion is a 2023 Disney horror comedy film that is another take (after the 2003 film of the same name) on telling about the famous Disney theme park attraction. Download it and have fun.
6.5 Total Score
Haunted Mansion Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • To be fair, the characters were all likable
  • The Hatbox Ghost looked awesome!
  • The visuals in the movie were very well done
  • I loved the nods to the attraction
  • It is a very basic and sometimes boring ghost story
  • I have a feeling this will be another 2023 bomb for Disney!
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