Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is a comedy film with 3D animation produced by Sony Pictures Animation. The film is the third installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise with the release day of 13th July 2018. Summer Vacation is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and features the cast of Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Kevin James and Steve Buscemi among others.

How to Stream or Download Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

You can stream and watch full movie online using iTunes. You can expect SD or HD quality. Also, audio and subtitles in different languages are available. To start streaming or downloading click on the Download button at the end of the review. Just be sure to watch the movie trailer first to see if you like it. Also be sure to check out and download the previous movies of the series: Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2.

The Film Review

The story continues from where it left off as we get to see Mavis and Johnny living happily along with Dracula and the rest. Mavis convinces Dracula to go with them on a vacation cruise to which he agrees. Everyone seems to be enjoying the cruise until Dracula meets and falls in love with the ship’s captain: a female human named Ericka. In the midst of Dracula and Ericka’s relationship, Mavis finds out that Ericka is the granddaughter of Abraham Van Heising, Dracula’s arch-nemesis whom he fought over the years while their last encounter was onboard the train to Budapest in 1897.

Ericka finds about Dracula’s true personality and kidnaps him after giving him a seizure by spraying perfume on him made out of garlic. Ericka ties up Dracula with garlic around him and reveals how Abraham is still alive. Abraham comes out of a fridge where he reveals he has been hibernating ever since their last encounter.

As soon as Ericka attempts to kill him, Mavis and the rest show up and try to convince her otherwise. Dracula also explains to Abraham how humans and monsters are similar creatures. The two hug it out as Ericka decides to stay together with Dracula. The movie ends with Dracula proposing Ericka to which, she happily agrees.

Our favorite group of monsters is back once again to entertain and make us laugh. In an industry where battles between the forces of good and evil are considered popular, the Hotel Transylvania franchise completely mixes up the pattern by bringing together good and evil together in the form of relationships and having kids.

The directors and producers of the Hotel Transylvania series keep on insisting that not all bad guys are as bad as they seem. The relationship between Dracula and Ericka is the perfect example in the film which clearly portrays how some so-called bad guys might simply be misunderstood. This concept carries a bigger meaning as well, particularly related to director Tartakovsky’s personal experiences. Director Genndy Tartakovsky, who also created Dexter’s Laboratory, explains how the film conveys an anti-racist message for the parents to understand. Coming from a Jewish family himself, Tartakovsky hopes to make the parents aware of how anti-Semitic ideas have influenced vampire mythology.

As for the cast, the film reunites some of the most talented actors in the industry who define the genre of comedy. Tartakovsky claims that working with the cast was extremely easy and fun as they’re all professionals who know how to use the material they’re provided with, effectively. Pointing out Adam Samberg and Adam Sandler in particular, Tartakovsky stated that the overall film is a big, gigantic, comedic spectacular and how they got out of the eponymous Hotel to see more of the monster side of things in the world.

All things considered, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is a fantastic sequel. The film does well to keep the overall tone of the film family-friendly by keeping the jokes harmless and simple. It also conveys a very important message about maintaining tolerance and peace in the society for every regardless of race or religion.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is an animated comedy movie with count Dracula as one of the protagonists. Download it and watch in your spare time.
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