How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a fantastic comedy-drama that ran for an incredible 9 seasons. It was created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and the show was mainly directed by Pamela Frayman who was behind the camera for as many as 196 episodes! I watched the series as it aired and during the lockdown, the wife and I watched it once again and I have to say, I enjoyed it, even more, the second time around.

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The premise of the show is actually a lot of fun. Our main character is a man called Ted who in the year 2030 is sitting down with his kids to tell him how he met their mother. Each episode is then a flashback type deal where we get to see what happened, Bob Saget provides the narration during the show and he is a lot of fun.

The setting of the show is New York and while Ted is the main character he is joined by a great and hilarious group of friends. We have Marshall and Lilly who are a strong and loving couple, Barney who is my favorite character, and a womanizing party boy always out for himself and having a good time, and we also have Robin, a Canadian news anchor that Ted and Barney have feelings for.

While the characters are great, it is the ensemble cast that was put together which really makes this show. We have Josh Radnor as Ted, Jason Segal as Marshall, Alyson Hannigan as Lilly, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney, and Coby Smulders as Robin. Each of them was a very talented actor in their own right before they appeared in the show, but all moved on to pretty big things once it ended.

What I love about How I Met Your Mother is just how character-driven the show is. There is a lot of humor here, but there are also some serious moments and it does keep you guessing about who the heck the mother is going to be. Many people compare the show to Friends, but I think it is actually far better and more entertaining than Friends ever was… sorry if I have triggered any Friends fans out there.

I would say that from season one all the way to season seven than the show was on a constant upward swing as far as the quality goes. The first time I watched the show was when it was airing on a weekly basis and at the time, I felt that the last two seasons felt like they were running out of steam.

However, in watching the show through for a second time and being able to watch more than one episode a week, I think it flowed a lot better and was way more fun than I remembered it being. I know that many people do not like the finale and I can see why, but I think it does fit this crazy thing we call life perfectly and the point is that life can seem like it is going one way and then we meet that one special person and everything can change in unexpected ways.

I have to say that I think How I Met Your Mother really is one of the best TV shows of the 00s and the 10s. It is a show that is just a great deal of fun with characters that you care about and characters you actually want to see happy. If you have never given the show a chance, I do think it is worth watching as it is a good time, even more so now that you can binge-watch it.

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom that spanned nine seasons. Download it or stream and get to know the adventures of Ted Mosby.
8.5 Total Score
How I Met Your Mother Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I think that the main cast are all likable in their own way
  • There are some absolutely hilarious laugh out loud moments in this show
  • I found it to be even better in my second watch through
  • While it is a comedy, there is also a lot of heart in this show as well
  • The ending is something people either like or hate with a passion!
  • While they are better than I remember them being, you can tell they were running out of ideas during the last two seasons
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