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I cannot believe I am about to say this, but If You Were the Last is one of my movies of the year. I came across this by accident (it is a Peacock original) and I saw it had Anthon Mackie in it and it sounded like a fun sci-fi movie so I decided to give it a try. Before I saw it on my TV, I had never heard of this movie, and I never even watched the trailer, I read the description and just decided to give it a chance and I am so glad that I did.

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If You Were The Last was released in October 2023 on Peacock TV. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

A Unique Genre Blend – If You Were The Last Movie Review

Let me tell you, this is not a sci-fi movie. Yes, it is about two people who are on a spaceship that has got stranded in outer space, but this is a love story/romantic comedy/chick flick or however, you prefer to describe a movie like this. I was captivated right from the very start and by the time it ended, I had a legit feel-good feeling inside.

The story is about a space shuttle that has broken down and is now just circling Jupiter. On board this stranded spaceship we have Adam played by Anthony Mackie and Jane played by Zoe Chao. There is a small supporting cast here, but for like 80 percent of the movie, probably more like 85, it is just Anthony Mackie and Zoe Chao on screen and they have fantastic chemistry.

The Heart of the Story

The story in If You Were the Last is just so much fun and so “nice” from the start all the way until the end. Adam and Jane have been stuck alone for the better part of three years and they have developed a very strong friendship. They dance, they watch movies, they work out, and they look after their goat and chickens that are onboard the shuttle. They also tried to fix it as the navigation and communication systems were both down.

Now, this is not a “survival” movie like you may think it is. They are completely self-sustaining on this shuttle as they make most of their own food and the other systems on the ship take care of other stuff. However, they have a “debate” one day about whether they should have sex and this is what kickstarts their relationship from a friends with benefit thing to an actual loving relationship.

The Complexities of Love and Relationships

I do not want to go into spoilers, but it is just fantastic stuff. Both our main characters are so likable and you want them to be happy, but back on Earth, Adam has a wife and Jane a partner so that does complicate it. Especially when they are able to get back to Earth and return to “normal” life.

Visual Aesthetics of the Film

One thing that I love about If You Were the Last is the look of the movie. The spaceship they are on has a kind of retro 70s vibe about it as does the technology on board. I was never sure if this was the way that the ship looked or if it was the way our two characters imagined it. Either way, it was great, the stuff outside the ship while they are in space has a kind of arts and crafts look to it too! I know it sounds weird, but it all works and makes the movie even more charming.

A Hidden Gem Worth Watching

I truly cannot say enough nice things about If You Were the Last and it is kind of driving me insane that this movie is not a bigger deal! Seriously, there is very little talk about this movie and I have no idea why! This is the perfect date night kind of movie, I watched it on my own as I thought it was a sci-fi survival movie, but I am looking forward to watching this again with my wife as I am sure she will love it too.

If You Were The Last
If You Were the Last is a film in which a stranded space duo navigates love and survival in a retro-styled shuttle, blending romance with a sci-fi backdrop. Download it now.
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If You Were The Last Review Summary

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  • Anthony Mackie and Zoe Chao are so likable in this movie
  • It is a sci-fi love story and probably the best I have ever seen!
  • I love the whole art style of the movie, it has a very quirky look to it
  • This is the biggest hidden gem of a movie I have stumbled across this entire year!
  • There is very little fan fair or discussion about this movie online
  • As of writing, there is no talk about a physical release of this!
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