Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is a 3D action-adventure superhero animated film that extends the story of the Incredible Parr family as they continue to save the world by fighting crime undercover while also trying to keep up with their everyday lives as normal human beings. Released on 5th June 2018, 14 years after its prequel, the film focuses on the lives of the Parr family as Elastigirl is bestowed with the responsibility of fighting crime, whereas Mr. Incredible faces an even bigger challenge: taking care of his three kids at home. The film is directed by Brad Bird and features a voice cast consisting of Holly Hunter, Huck Milner, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, and last but not least Samuel L. Jackson.

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The movie can be streamed or it can be downloaded from iTunes. Initially, as a pre-order and later instantly. To begin click on the Download button at the end of the review. Be prepared to choose either SD or HD quality. The film comes with several language versions as far as audio and subtitles are concerned.

The Film Review

After more than a decade, everyone’s favorite superhero family is back to save the world again… except that this time, saving the world also involves looking after the kids. Director Brad Bird is back to keep the legacy of The Incredibles alive by bringing back some of the most iconic action scenes that struck the hearts of its viewers, however this time, instead of Mr. Incredible, the viewers get to see more of Elastigirl in action against the villain known as Screenslaver.

The plot is solid, and the theme of the film is crystal clear: transcending traditional gender roles. One of the major changes that viewers have noticed is how the latest edition has mixed it up with the main characters in terms of their roles. Where the first film portrayed Mr. Incredible as the main superhero, Incredibles 2 changes the outlook as Elastigirl takes up the main charge against fighting supervillains.

Moving on to the main plot, the villain this time around, Screenslaver, Is clearly more of a solid foe. Unlike the prequel, Screenslaver isn’t some psychologically distressed fan of the Incredibles out for revenge, but a more intimidating character who hypnotizes people and makes them do whatever he pleases. In addition to that, he wears a proper mask, giving him more of a frightening look compared to Syndrome.

One of the best parts of the film is the plot twist that comes in after Screenslaver is defeated. Just as we begin to realize that the film might be coming to an end, an even bigger enemy appears who was apparently controlling all of Screenslaver’s actions as well. Considering how this plot twist was completely unexpected, it’s fair to say that the director deserves credits for completely surprising everyone. The film displays numerous family moments which make the audience go aww.

Despite how the film is currently doing well in the box office, some fans have come out against the film as a whole. Pointing out towards the obvious change in parenting roles, the critics claim that the second edition of the series lacks originality and is more of a people pleaser. Moreover, the change of the film’s overall tone from children-friendly superhero action to violent and risky stunts have caused a feeling of concern for some of the parents who have watched the film.

All in all, one can admit that the director and producers have done a wonderful job in bringing back a film that has always held a special place in the hearts of its fans. Incredibles 2 is the perfect film to watch with all the family as the graphics are remarkable, the action is spectacular, and the new heroes we get to see are indeed Incredible.

Incredibles 2
Incredibles 2 is Pixar’s 20th movie and the sequel to the classic The Incredibles. Download it for a superb family entertainment.
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