The Incredibles

The Incredibles is an animated action-adventure superhero 3D film which is written and directed by Brad Bird. The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and was released initially on October 27th, 2004 by Walt Disney. The film casts its leading voice actors Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox as Dash, Jason Lee as Syndrome and Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone. The Incredibles was followed by The Incredibles 2 which premiered on June 5, 2018, in Los Angeles and 10 days later in the whole of United States.

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The Film Review

The Incredibles brings us the story of a family of superheroes with each member having a unique superpower in relevance to their superhero name. Due to government pressure, the family is forced to go under the radar and act as normal human beings. Just as the family starts to adjust to the atmosphere around them, a new threat appears in the form a villain called Syndrome who, after being rejected by Mr. Incredible as his sidekick, returns to take revenge by deploying a robot upon the city which he controls so he can stop and protect the people himself and fool them into thinking that superheroes are meaningless in the society.

The story revolves around how The Incredible family works together in order to stop Syndrome from becoming successful in his evil plan.

Hailed as one of the pioneer films that introduced viewers to a world of 3D animated films, The Incredibles is considered to be one of the most complex films of its time. Director Brad Bird, who also directed the popular animated film Iron Giant 2, had stated that he and his team had to put in a lot of effort just to adjust to the new style of creating animation using computer graphics. Creating an animated movie full of human beings had although been done before, but going into such details such as the skin, hair, and appropriate clothing was something that had never been considered by Pixar before the production of The Incredibles.

Bird did admit that he was increasingly concerned about how the movie will be received by the viewers but considering how it marked up to $633 million, one can say that the film was unarguably a commercial success.

Moving on to the plot, The Incredibles is one of those films which clearly defines the roles of each family member along with their bonds with each other in such a way that viewers can relate to themselves. Mr. Incredible, with his incredible strength, is portrayed as the father and loving husband who shields his family from any and every threat that may be lurking by. Elastigirl and her power of elasticity represents a mother who holds together the entire family and is a source of comfort for them. Dash and Violet, the two children, have the powers of being physically fast and mentally strong, whereas Jack-Jack, following a typical baby’s persona, holds the power to suddenly become a little monster. Throughout the film, the viewers experience how family coordination and bonding is necessary to keep balance.

Although the film has been criticized for sticking and limiting its characters to traditional gender roles, the graphics combined with the plot and the music by Michael Giacchino makes the movie the kind to watch over and over again with the family.

The Incredibles
The Incredibles is a movie about superhero family. Download it and watch how they save the world and thwart the evil plans of the supervillain named Syndrome.
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