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Jason X is a movie that I think gets a bad rep. At the end of the day, this is Jason in space so sitting down to watch this and then call it dumb, that is on you! This is hated by many people and to be fair, I can see why, especially at the time it was released. However, this is a guilty pleasure of mine and I can laugh and just have a blast with the absurd nature of it all.

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was released on November 9, 2001 in Spain and on April 26, 2002 in the United States. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

The Movie Plot

In what at the time was the future of 2008, the US government has managed to capture Jason and is trying to figure out his regenerative abilities. To be fair, this is a good idea, looking at Jason like he is a science project and how they can use his regeneration abilities for their own needs.

Cryogenic Freezing Gone Wrong

Everything they try to do to Jason to see if he can be killed fails so a scientist called Rowan has the idea to cryogenically freeze him, at least that way he cannot hurt anyone else! You would think that they would know by now that is easier said than done! In trying to do this, Jason escapes and stabs Rowan, but she manages to make sure that he and she are both cryogenically frozen.

The Future Unleashes Jason

I think the start of the movie is actually a lot of fun. Yet, then we jump forward a few hundred years and things get crazy, even crazier than Jason Goes to Hell. Earth has been abandoned, but on a trip to the Camp Crystal Lake research post, a crew finds the frozen Jason and Rowan.

Unleashing a Spacebound Killer

Thanks to the technology they have in the year 4000,  they unfreeze them both, and they manage to save Rowan, but think Jason is dead so take him to the morgue. Well, that is where it all goes to hell, Rowan tries to warn them about Jason, but it takes him slaying some folks for people to realize just what they have brought on board.

Ridiculous Yet Fun Moments

It is then a fight for survival as Jason is in space! Just imagine if they had called this Jason in Space, that would have been hilarious. Like I said, Jason X is a guilty pleasure of mine and while it is so ridiculous, it has some scenes that I really do like and think are a ton of fun. Jason cryogenically freezing someone and then smashing her is great.

Highlights of Absurdity

The scene where they make a holographic version of Camp Crystal Lake, complete with two sexy teenagers to distract Jason is awesome. Jason killing these girls is so funny and so over the top, it’s a major highlight of the movie. We see Jason fight an android and we even see Jason get infused with nanotechnology and become cyborg Jason who may be ridiculous, but he looks badass. Plus seeing Jason flying through space is something that always makes me laugh.


I fully understand why some people hate this movie, but you know what, I like Jason X. Yes it is dumb, yes it is ridiculous and yes it has Jason in outer space, but I always have a fun time watching this. Hey, unlike Jason Goes to Hell, at least we actually get to see Jason doing what he does best here. Give this one a chance or even a second chance and just go into it trying to have fun and you will get some laughs! I do feel like people seem to appreciate this more now than they did when it was released.

Jason X
Jason X is a campy sci-fi horror where Jason Voorhees goes to space, offering absurd thrills and laughs. Download it now.
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Jason X Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I do not care what anyone says, Jason X is a super fun movie
  • Jason being in space is hilarious
  • I liked how cool Cyborg Jason looked
  • It has some pretty creative and fun kills
  • I can see why it is too silly and over the top for some
  • Not enough people are willing to give this movie another chance.
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