I have become a big fan of Hindi cinema over the last few years and I was very stoked that Juwan was actually playing at my local theatre. Apart from the trailer, I knew nothing at all about this movie so I was going in kind of blind. However, I did have a quick look at the scores it was getting online and it seemed to be a movie that people either loved or hated.

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Jawan was released on 7 September 2023. You expect it to become available for download or streaming in two months. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the status. If you like Indian films, check out our reviews of Pathaan, Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva, K.G.F.: Chapter 2, or RRR.

The Movie Review

For me, I think that Jawan was ok. It stars Shah Rukh Khan who I have become a big fan of and he pulls double duty in this movie which is pretty cool. I will say that the movie is very, very uneven. The first half of what is a very long, the better part of a three-hour movie is fantastic and I was completely invested and all in on what was going down.

Jawan Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Jawan
Genre Indian Action Thriller
Release Date September 7, 2023
Download and Streaming Expected availability for download/streaming in approximately two months.
Main Characters Shah Rukh Khan as Azad, [Other Cast Members]
Plot Azad and his crew hijack a metro train and hold hostages to address societal issues and help farmers.
Robin Hood Theme Azad and his gang’s actions resemble a modern-day Robin Hood, aiming to support noble causes.
Drama and Action The movie blends drama and thrilling action sequences, creating an engaging experience.
Complex Plot The film features intricate plot elements, including doppelgangers and a terrorism subplot, which some viewers found challenging to follow.
Cultural Perspective The movie’s cultural nuances and messages may be better understood by those familiar with Indian culture.
Dancing Scene The film includes a unique dancing scene that may stand out to viewers.
Viewer’s Assessment Your personal assessment is that the movie was okay, and you might revisit it for a better understanding.
Overall Reception The movie has received numerous positive reviews, indicating it may resonate with a broad audience.

At first, we meet a “normal” jailer called Azad. Azad and his crew hijack a metro train and hold the people on board hostage for a lot of money. The twist here is that they are not doing this to line their own pockets but to write what they feel are wrongs in society. They want to give the money to farmers to help them out!

A Modern Robin Hood

They have a kind of Robin Hood thing going on now that I think about it. Azad and the gang then do a bit of kidnapping as they take, the Health Minister hostage and they demand better conditions at hospitals for his return. Again, they are committing pretty bad crimes, but they do have noble reasons for doing so.

Drama Unfolds

There is drama added to this by the female officer who is chasing down Azad and his team becoming extra close to him! This right here, if this is all the movie was it would be a slam dunk and I would have said it was one of the best action thrillers of the year. I mean, the action here is great and it looks awesome.

The Overwhelming Plot

Yet, the movie just did not know when to stop! We have this stuff with a doppelganger of Azad and a whole thing with a big terrorist and these double meanings and so on. I will be honest and say that it was just way too hard for me to keep track of. To be fair, I may just be a moron as this movie has a bunch of 8s and 9s out of 10 on IMDB!

I feel like it just goes on way too long and perhaps as I am not familiar with the culture, the “message” that was being delivered was kind of lost on me. Hey, I get it – helping those who need help and punishing those who do harmful things. But I felt like there was something else here that I was missing.

Strange Dancing

I love it when a Hindi movie has dancing in it, but this has one of the strangest dancing scenes I have ever seen and it took me completely out of the moment!

Final Verdict

I have to say that Jawan was okay, I think I would need to watch this again (which I would not be against doing) at home to see if I can follow what is going on better. Still, the movie has had a ton of great reviews so I am thinking it may just be me!

Jawan is a well-received Indian action thriller from 2023. Download it and enjoy the amazing story of father and son.
6.5 Total Score
Jawan Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I liked the main character, well the first part of the main character!
  • The first part of the movie is fun and exciting stuff
  • I am sure if you are a big SRK fan you will get a kick out of this
  • There are many people who absolutely love this movie
  • I found the plot to be all over the place and very hard to follow
  • What was the deal with that dancing scene in the jail???
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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