Ok, so I have to admit that I know nothing about the Indian movie scene. However, the buzz around RRR was too much to ignore so I made sure to check the movie out. I watched the trailer and it looked like an insane action movie. It kind of is in many ways, but man is this just such an awesome and epic movie.

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The Movie Review

Yes, I just said epic and I know the term epic gets thrown around way too easily these days, but I really cannot think of a better word to describe this three-hour masterpiece. Sometimes when I hear a movie lasts for three hours I am like “ugh” yet, RRR is a three-hour movie that 100 percent does not feel like a three-hour movie as there is always something going on.

Set in 1920s India which is under British rule which is just brutal. We have a movie that is just captivating to look at, I will admit I did not know just how brutal and violent the British rule was so it was a bit of an eye-opener to see. The movie is about two men who would go on to be great revolutionaries, Rama Raju and Bheem, and what they did before this.

A young girl is taken from one of the tribes by a British governor and his wife. Bheem is like the protector of this tribe and considers this girl to be his sister so he will do what he can to get her back. We also have Rama Raju who is a police officer who is pretty brutal to the tribe at first, but soon Rama Raju and Bheem are on the same page in trying to get the girl back.

I have to say that the scenes we get which introduce us to both Rama Raju and Bheem are some of the craziest and most insane introduction scenes that I have ever seen in a movie. I was on the edge of my seat during Rama Raju and Bheem’s introductions and it was just mind-blowing. The amount of stuff that happens before the title appears on the screen is more than many movies have in a full 90 minutes!

I will start by talking about Bheem. We see Bheem running through the forest being chased by a wolf, which then leads to an encounter with a tiger which he fights with his bare hands. This scene is amazing and got me pretty hyped up for the rest of the movie, it is so well done and a huge highlight of the movie for me.

Rama Raju also has a pretty intense introduction style scene as well. Rama Raju has very little patience for the Indian tribes at the start of the movie and we see him go out all alone and fistfight like a thousand tribesmen at once! It is crazy and completely over the top, but you buy into it 100 percent.

The thing about RRR is that what I have just described makes this sound like a non-stop action movie. It has some of the most intense action I have seen in a movie this year. However, the “bromance” between Rama Raju and Bheem that builds during the movie adds a lot of heart to it, plus we have some humor an insane dance scene and so much more. This truly is a movie that you have to see to believe, the hype does not do it justice!

RRR is an epic drama film from 2022 that tells the story of two Indian heroes Rama Raju and Komaram Bheem. Download it and see what happened.
9.5 Total Score
RRR Review Summary

Worth Watching/Streaming/Buying
  • The opening 30 minutes alone make this worth watching
  • I really liked the friendship that built between the two main characters
  • Visually, it is an absolutely gorgeous looking movie
  • The three hours it lasts just fly by as it is so entertaining
  • With this being an Indian film, some might not be willing to give it a chance
  • I cannot think of any other complaints about the movie at all!
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